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Closed for Spiritual Maintenance for April 2020

My Dear Ones;

I hope you are taking time to see those pulling through this challenging time with the Coronavirus. I wish you much healthy paced breathing in peace, breath into your chest and lungs so much peace and feel it travel to the back of your head to remove the obstacles emotionally and physically where discomfort is in any other parts of your body. Take the light and rinse out all debris of blockages...see these clean out all of your cells and continue to breath. It is important to breath and feel the blessings of where you are right now. In your body, ability to breath, ability to have shelter and see nature as a natural rhythm of blessings enabling the flow and the readiness to greet each day as a new one.

It is a blessing to be able to have utilities, food and shelter. Some do not and afford the stocking up of things to keep us going. It is important to not overindulge in anything that does not equate to self love to your mind, to your body and heart and your soul. Your Soul can take the wheel and guide you to more exploration, more releases and more pieces to rid yourself of that do not fulfill the purpose anymore to face yourself in all your Divinity.

What a blessing to have this time to reflect to be vulnerable and celebrate the human