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Compassion by Volunteering

Mental health is as a priority as physical and spiritual health. People pay attention to the body and the spiritual or religious health; but this is neglected because of stigma. When we go to a therapist; we usually wait til there is an extreme crisis from long standing grief over loss of people, relationships, sense of self and connection to God. It is essential we remove this so we maintain our mental health when we know ourselves so well we can catch a worsened state of mind by going to a therapist to reset our mind, so our mind recovers, has a sense of peace and is rejuvenated. We experience this when we see people we love, travel to wonderful places or our love of nature. Be open to healing your mind and understand when you cannot understand yourself fully healed and present; you will judge others and condemn the unique possibility to allow your mind to have a nothingness and busyness without the balance of each and equal focus on your life balance. It is the unique possibility to thrive without lack of understanding yourself and others. Usually this is a sign of lack of understanding boundaries and delicate emotions of others. If you cannot relate; then try to work with a volunteer group that assists those who have trauma, have some common issues that need a positive support so you learn compassion and understanding of witnessing the collective concerns, issues that are support groups towards understanding what you don't understand or dismiss because it is dark, ugly, shocking or 'does not happen in your household.' The Christlike energy is needed in your heart and mind to be more accepting and open that we all have our paths, our experiences and we all are walking ourselves back home in the end in the Kingdom of Heaven. That's all.

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