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Discovering my 4 Power Animals and Dominant One 5/17/21

During my studies of Shamanism in Atlanta, Georgia. There was a session where my Teacher of the North said it was time to acquire my 4 power animals and he had studied hypnosis. I was breathing and grounded as instructed and filled with white light.

I was breathing and relaxing every muscle of my body. I closed my eyes and then I was in a realm to receive and see them. Right away, a hare jumped into my lap...the feminine divine and Goddess medicine of abundance in sensuality. Then as I was still breathing my Teacher said, “What else do you see?” I said, “I see a black crow or raven flying on my shoulder.” Then he continued to help me breath to receive wisdom and I saw a black Jaguar/puma the mystery traveler of no fear in realms others find too uncomfortable to go to. The next one was the name from a past life as a male Shaman “Natankase” means hawk which is the messenger of the Gods. Then I discovered that I would need to study North, South. East and West Medicine and what each animal’s medicine was and imbalances and strengths and what areas it dwells or climate and what it preys on.

Upon receiving these, my teacher said, that I need to connect to them and the dominant one will lead you on journeys and guard you and instruct you on this path of learning self healing and Shamanism.

As I asked Spirit for confirmation when driving home and remembered how the hawks appeared as I moved from my home to start my Studies to another and as I came closer they would glide with me or hover over my car and look down on me. I believe now these were the 3 Shamans that taught me. Every carload back and forth the hawks appeared. A crow used to caw at me at my skylights and car and then a hawk appeared. I was worried that the hawk would kill the crow and it wasn’t till months later the crow sacrificed itself later and gave me its feathers.

Then as a physical confirmation that Spirit was asked and a gift of blue jay feather...the balance of heaven and earth which is my current name after 3 spirit name changes in meditation and work with Spirit occurred. I was honored and very happy and grateful and blessed.

As time went on; I learned my dimensions and studied each animal’s medicine and how to connect and honor the animals and work one at a time with each of these by dancing the power animals. After awhile, my jaguar came in meditations to tell me that she would take me on journeying as I discovered I had the ability to do that. Then Jaguar took me to realms and how to access and taught me to shape shift and look deeply into others and work with the difficult people or situations others would not do. I was honored again with this medicine to under stand it and how humility is always the reminder working with Pure Light Helpers and Spirit to assist people being inspired and create their positive choices and possibilities.

My Jaguar knew I loved to dance and when times of dancing occurred I could see my jaguar and then it told me things that I would learn and work with other power animals, angels, stones and feathers, wands, etc. I am truly grateful for this power animal as I needed it to move passed my past and work with my divinity and become whole learning to shield, learning to ground, learning to teach possibilities and no fear to others. This is about it in my work for now. Namaste.

Note: Your power animals can change when you have taken the medicine and served others. They choose you. At times, you can acquire more as I have to heal myself and serve.


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