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Dream with Archangel Metatron 10/18/2021

Dear Ones;

We are never alone and we have our pure light helpers to aid us. They reach us through other earth dwellers turned into angels or an unknown individual you see and do a compassionate message or action for you and you never see them again. It is the animals who are drawn to you to give you the love and medicine you need and the plants that grow in your yard or your garden you tend to that draw the beautiful elementals of pure light intention to heal and balance the plant and earth and all that dwell. You see you are never alone even if you do not love yourself; they are here to remind you to be loved, Beloved and you are not forgotten and heard and seen in all your intentions even in your dark and light. Duality is ever present in all things but we must unite to vibrate a higher unconditional love absent of fear or blockages and violence or false illusions and lies we tell others of who we are or try to be someone we are not meant to be all the time. We are not meant to be stagnant in our path towards light. We all know we are all here together and we are all walking each other home to the Heavenly Light.

Our growth is essential. Growth is not easy and it breaks the barriers placed in our minds from the military, government or education or our teachers and religious or spiritual involvements. We get stagnant when we start to divide in our thoughts and judge others as good or bad or competition or weak or strong or richest or most successful, most handsome and beautiful. We put all these false criteria as we are bones walking in flesh upon this earth. We will return and no one will see the outward physical adornments we do to our bodies but only our heart energy. This is all that matters.

In this dream, Archangel Metatron comes and he is wearing a dark tunic and dark hair that is shoulder length and wavy. He has piercing beautiful compassionate eyes that draw you to his divine presence and essence. He is teaching me how to meditate again and return more regularly as I have missed a few days. For some reason, I have been sitting and experiencing messages instead of sacred geometry. He comes a few times with eyes that lovingly draw you. Some of us may misunderstand his gaze as an invitation of the flesh but it is of pure love and a wish for us all to be relieved of the negativity we have built around and living during these difficult times things are being dismantled that do not answer the call to Oneness and Harmony and Healing in Balance and Peace.

Have we forgotten how powerful we are? I saw him and looked away as he was teaching my daughter and did this several times...perhaps not to interfere or distract her and also because I was not understanding the Archangel’s gaze of pure unconditional love. I did this a few times. Then I went into meditation and found that he wanted me to return to meditation and I was able to. He told me that I misunderstood and had no unethical means of his loving lesson as he was posturing his hands in folding and palms together in some motion to invite me back to bliss. It was a beautiful message that the Seraphim wings of my Sacred Body opened up and I was a golden white light. I felt a need to be in stillness and quiet and the 3D Infinitus showed up above my head and as I transformed grounding myself like a tree in my earthly body to let go of others energies; I prayed that all of us feel the Oneness, Harmony, Peace and Unconditional Love. I meant it in Cosmic and Universal Levels with prayers of Universal thought, consciousness, words and actions and state of being. I turned into a Bodhi Tree and was golden and the leaves were 3D Infinitus symbols. I then practiced stillness and he talked of Unconditional love as I sent it to my family and others for healing them and awareness of the spiritual path of loving light. I sent it to the prisoner and trafficked people to have compassion heal them and the military and government and all affiliations that disrespect the person due to gender and sexual orientations as well and those who have asked for healing prayers or have told me of their stated challenges in their health, whether, mental, physical or spiritual and to my closest neighbors and beyond and left my earthly body into the Cosmos in gratitude and compassionate golden light covered the Universe and went far beyond physical site to other Universes in Unconditional Love and healing all the old systems we have in prison, government, schools and all service oriented and have compassionate light beam into them to functional from compassion and oneness and healing.

I prayed that all were compassionately healed and provided the means to be whole in the Christlike, Noorlike, Buddhalike and or Holy Spirit Light and I then became covered in the golden white light and wore the robes of the Priest Melchizedak and Kuan Yin the Goddess of Compassion sat within me. The Violet Flame of Father-Mother God bathed my body in his robe and the compassionate flame burned as it covered my head. It felt so good to be part of the Universe again. I prayed & saw that our planet and all our solar system was covered with this Golden Light and for other solar systems as well and the balance of us on Heaven and Earth and the Masculine and Feminine Divine as well as those other planets and solar systems with Heaven and their Planetary name. I prayed we are love and acceptance with each other and our learning this in a broader sense of the Heaven and Earth concept. We all need to be whole with compassion and take care of ourselves and each other this way without hidden agendas, fear, control or hatred instead with acceptance, love, truth and freedom. Freedom is so important now. Feel the energy of this meditation and have it fill you with Compassion and Oneness.

As I am meditating the White Buffalo puts it’s head meeting my 3rd eye facing each other. The Pure Sacred Power that evokes Oneness and Compassion. Are we able to do this as a focus of healing for all not only ourselves first but also for others around us and outside our realms? Let us be the Ambassadors of Love and Light. As always your freedom to choose is all yours and there is a time of essence Metatron says. We can do this in our daily focus of meditation of Oneness, Harmony, Compassion and Healing of All. I then am given sacred geometry shapes to be in and to have in my palms and hands and place these over my eyes, face, mouth, throat and chakras. Feel the completion of unconditional loving lessons from Archangel Metatron.

Much Oneness, Harmony, Compassion and Healing Light Hugs to you and All. Namaste.


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