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Dream with Ram Dass and Real Estate 12/13/2005

Dear Ones;

My husband and I have been on such a life journey. From living in Europe as his model and he a fashion designer and then moving to Georgia to raise our family and change occupations. I had already skills working in the corporate world; so I worked those jobs while my husband took his savings from fashion design sales saved up and selling property to Georgia so we could afford a place to live in the meantime during his search on the next move. This time we needed a car with how vast in the late 1980s that Georgia was. There were churches and malls everywhere. Wow!

I was transported to my old bedroom and house in Tucson, Arizona. I was with my Beloved and married moving the room around and went to sleep. I was working as a school teacher's aide in my old high school. I saw my two real time children as teens. I thought they were joking that they were late because they told me the time and I went to sleep.

It changed when I dreamed of erotic things with a different man (changed physical shapes with this man I didn't know) and went back to my teenagers. Then I saw my daughter wearing a long flowing white skirt with purple flowers on it and my gold high heels and with a nice blouse and she had long hair and she had it clipped on one side. The was complaining that she missed the bus and the rider with her friends. Then my son paced back and forth when he is stressed or thinking hard on something and struggling with the choice which action to take and how to achieve it.) He then was waiting for me to be ready and hurried.

As I readied myself; an old architect relating to our real estate properties cae in talking to me (same blog of property about Meeting Dr. Wayne Dyer.) and was talking about the situation with the kids and my husband was there too in the same bedroom. Anyway, the architect is talking to me about his wife and show she didn't want pictures of them of small head shots in their house. He was trying to hide them and telling me this. It was seen as her privacy desired because the house was used for architectural business and employees and her desire to transform and have more privacy once they were married.

Eventually, a Hippie-type wiseman in his 30s was in the dream (Ram Dass). He had no pants on and wore a t-shirt and was pulling a cart/rickshaw like in India as I parked far from the school after letting my kids off . I could see from his back Ram Dass's legs and cheeks of his butt (transparency) and he pulled me over across the street and on the sidewalk. (This was inspired by the television showing that aired Dr. Dyer's desire to help Ram Dass come back and heal from a stroke in Hawaii and that he could not walk at the moment which touched my heart.).

A 1000 petaled lotus workin with Kuan Yin - Goddess of Compassion and Ascended Master.Anyway, the miracle was he was walking and pulling me on this cart then it looked like a busy city street named with a sign "Rockette" (old time cursive Broadway sign) and a old time sign of the name of the school "Beverly Bell" H.S. This was not my children's high school). I was looking for the school to go to work and then as a teacher's aide assistant but Ram Dass was taking me into a white building and meditation about a story about the Golden Lotus/Buddha energy. The story was if you wear the lotus and it points from one end to the tip and you fold the fabric the lotus is on and it still is aligned; then you are the One. My spirit name evolved to 'Golden Lotus-

A psychic teacher (dedicated a meditation on my blog to the Mother Mary (Ascended Master) came into the dream astral projecting her presence and wore off white long skirt with lotus pattern and she pointed to it and said, See it matches and wanted me to check the pattern I was being shown by another person (Spirit Guide) with her in the dream and I didn't want to for some reason. I had no doubt they were the same as my daughter's garments in the start of this dream.

Then my psychic teacher took me aside and she had me smell an herbal sachet. Then I began past life reactions of being the Lotus Person but chanted another language and then I couldn't breath because I was reliving my death of drowning in water. Her guide and the psychic teacher watched and then she pulled me out of this trance to regress. Anyway I was explaining that I was in water at the time of a past life (Atlantis) during that drowning (see blog on this as Crystal Keeper's Assistant of Water and Wise Ones.) to my psychic teacher and her Guide. That was the dream of transformation and healing love sent to Ram Dass and my psychic teacher, her Guide and interactions with my kids as I am always praying for their evolvement no matter what challenges come for them without regrets but embracing the lessons in life as only temporary. Always waiting for the next Lesson of Light in my evolvement.


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