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Frog Medicine - Symbol of Transformation, Sound & Voice 5/26/21

Dear Ones;

My self journey of transformation is unending as is yours. We change our energies throughout the day or time and space for the betterment of self. But are we willing to hear truth?

It was in a freeing state of mind triggered by childhood and family ties of in-laws and my family unit into adulthood. A family member was being visited by my in-law telling him strong opinions of her ingrained cultural influences that disapproved of my healing path. I know her record and between you and I; I have asked Spirit/Creator and my Pure Light Protectors not to allow visitations in dream state or spirit state of the dead that don’t inspire me or of the path of light and truth for me. When they can’t reach me; they will go to the most vulnerable and try to influence them with their opinions and ways I need to function in my life.

Let’s remember this when reading from my mediumship blogs; dead have their own opinions that aren’t always in alignment with your path that try to di