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Goddess Kali - Relationships by Blue Thunder 5/7/21

Dear Transfigurators!

You have the power of transfiguration especially during the Corona virus. Transfiguration is to change form into a more brilliant and brighter state of being. In this journey, Kali (Kalika) one of the Tantric Goddesses of Hindu Faith that is pictured standing on top of Shiva relaxing as she does this. Shiva is Creator and Destroyer God of Hindu traditions.

Her story is she cuts off the heads of cheaters especially male (patriarchal old thought) and dances upon their bodies. She would dismember them and wear them as her belt around her waist. She is voluptuous and the color of blue and wears skulls as her jewelry adornment and has a trident type weapon and sword for her infliction upon this old way of viewing her.

Let me disrupt your old view and expectation of Her. She is a more compassionate and transfigured Goddess. Her purpose is to no long cut the heads and dismember in this lesson of Universal Wisdom. She will speak to the ones disloyal to their commitments of their significant other/s and gently guide them through their 3rd eye with dreams of visions of her appearance. She is within each of you and you are part of her in this Transfigurational meditation.

You sit in lotus position as comfortable as possible and ground your seat as if a Lotus stem is attached and grows from you into the Earth deeply rooted into her Flesh as her energy draws you to her and holds you steady for the fierceness of the Goddess can confuse you. Do not fear the lesson to transfigure oneself. You start to breath a light of transfiguration which is your own Divine unique color of light that is the I AM energy of YOU. You see the light and color is growing more vibrant with each breath with ease. You continue to be bathed and intertwined with the light in every limb and cell and into your 3rd eye. You breath with ease this light that you are as you ready for the lesson. Your Pure Light Helpers are here to guide, guard and protect both your earthly and sacred bodies.

You are transported past Grandmother Moon into a portal in the skies into the Chambers where Goddess Kali dwells. It feels like a cave and womb of possibilities. You are told that in order to overcome your obstacles of disloyalty; you must ask yourself the difficult questions. Why do you not see yourself as value? Why do you not see yourself as seen? Why do you not see yourself as heard? Answer these and it may point to one significant thought of all of this occurring during a moment in your life it stemmed from. Now ask if this is applicable to the now? Is this living a life of truth? Then see yourself chained in physical form before the Goddess Kali with these chains of patriarchal systems, false roles as gender, false roles as status and false roles as a servant to God/Goddess. Did you ever question how these roles you agreed to be chained to as applicable on your path of Truth? If the answer is no; then you are ready to see what binds you to your roles. You see a person/s you have betrayed and they are surrounded by more chains then you. The Goddess Kali asks this person the same questions? The value of themselves was placed on false belief systems and roles dictated by others and old systems that do not equate the evolution of now. They all have one thing in common; they claim to want to be seen by their partner as number one in their lives. Kali asks this partner why have you claimed your value in your partner instead of yourself first? Why have you not seen how beautiful you are standing alone and not waiting for your belief systems to dictate waiting for the answer from your partner? Why have you pushed away the very healing sacred sensuality of self in chains outside of yourself? If you withhold this energy from your partner due to trust issues; then look at yourself? You have given over your power of truth and possibility of standing on your own to grow or be together by saying I am beautiful and sensual on my own. The sensual self is creativity that once you connect; you can come up with creative solutions for yourself in changing yourself and then working with your partner/s. You will see that the more you focus on loving you, nurturing you; you will be strong enough to ask the questions of self and decide if the relationship is worth your time, your partner/s’ time/s.

You are given a key thinking about this to the disloyal partner and when they realize they have to be truth and it hurts to confront self with their partner/s. This will set everyone free to choose to be with or without each other in a healthy relationship. Sometimes, people come into our lives into a difficult journey to create awareness but in the struggle and the acceptance of truth and truth within; will create the opportunity of living a life of freedom of the lies to make each other comfortable. So the partners is given a key but it takes work on their part to unlock each chain caging you from moving forward for the sake of truth in love together or apart. Would you not clear a garden of weeds to see the work it needs to be beautiful. Chains are unnecessary and are the heaviness that creates no peace within, no truth, stagnancy in relationship to self and your partner/s. When you see the key you’ve kept inside your pocket is ready to unlock the heart energy from you to your partner; you will see a clearer connection is possible together or apart but amicable love towards truth within and living a life of truth with or without your partner.

We are not cemented into relationships that do not equate truth. As you meditate on each chain that you are ready to release; you use the lock to free yourself. You will see your partner/s able to meet the challenge of being raw and real about their pain of not being seen, heard or valued and if the relationship is healthy to continue together or apart. My best loving light prayers for your choices which are not bad or good but flowing into truth and being free of the old systems that created the barriers you thought gave you peace and loyalty that just made it more complicated and hurtful instead of healing. See yourself in the mirror today as full potential to truth. Are you loyal? Are you able to live a life of truth in transfiguration is no easy journey but a more fulfilling one. Namaste, Peaceful journeys to you and you say your farewells to Goddess Kali.

Immediately, she transports you back to your physical body with the transfigurative energy from sacred body to physical to start a new journey in a new state of being. Welcome back to a new way of being into the NOW. Until next time; another journey with Kali will help you find the chains you didn’t or weren’t ready to unlock and be free any time you please. Thank you Goddess Kali and all for your presence and lessons of transfiguration. Art by @lauramcgowanart of Goddess Kali.

Food for thought if helpful: I think from the conversations my Beloved Husband and I had on this topic is the chains on the loyal person become a greater chain around themselves and their disloyal spouse if dictated by religious, societal, cultural, or ancestral programming can elude the discussion at all to face it and repair. The chains come from a demand that conditions must be met at an impossible rate to appease the cheated on for the cheater but never addressing the problem because of patriarchal programming; we look the other way.

The other topic we agreed to is changing the way marriage vows are written globally to make it not a stringent and impossible contract to amend, cut or improve the relationship by not making it a contract that makes it intense to be labeled, stigmatized to have marriage issues and a peaceful amended portions for those with incapacitated spouses, dying, those who amicably agree to part ways with property fairly divided and unaffecting power struggles or games played again using the children or grandchildren or pets the push me pull me in their disagreement. I think it can be peaceably written that a person who cannot be physically active and mentally alert may have a solution to their own between each other’s loneliness. Also, we discussed the release of ownership of a spouse over another and this could avoid spousal and child abuse if they amicably can be annulled or absolved and property fairly distributed would avoid the intensity of spousal suicide or murder or of their children/pets or disparity if divorced because the contact is set up to not bend or create resolve without shame or financial duress.

Anyway, Kali asked me to add this since she enjoyed our discussions of different situations may occur but it is to heal together or apart in a relationship that allows us to be able to make decisions to alter how intimate we are or how we function or to discontinue peacefully. Once again, only a discussion of universal resolve only happens if we all agree to the changes. Once, again, I am married. We have had discussions but we all need to uplife each other with updated customs and ways of being together. Much love and once again we are not therapists or doctors. We’re only a couple for 40 years and learned plenty. There are others out there that could write a book about their marriages and how they maintained the harmony but we must never give up who we are like we owe someone something but get to the root of the truth problem started within with inner reflection and honesty and working with our partner/s affected or shared in our lives. Peaceful resolve prayers for you. Blue Thunder


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