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Goddess Kali - Relationships by Blue Thunder 5/7/21

Dear Transfigurators!

You have the power of transfiguration especially during the Corona virus. Transfiguration is to change form into a more brilliant and brighter state of being. In this journey, Kali (Kalika) one of the Tantric Goddesses of Hindu Faith that is pictured standing on top of Shiva relaxing as she does this. Shiva is Creator and Destroyer God of Hindu traditions.

Her story is she cuts off the heads of cheaters especially male (patriarchal old thought) and dances upon their bodies. She would dismember them and wear them as her belt around her waist. She is voluptuous and the color of blue and wears skulls as her jewelry adornment and has a trident type weapon and sword for her infliction upon this old way of viewing her.

Let me disrupt your old view and expectation of Her. She is a more compassionate and transfigured Goddess. Her purpose is to no long cut the heads and dismember in this lesson of Universal Wisdom. She will speak to the ones disloyal to their commitments of their significant other/s and gently guide them through their 3rd eye with dreams of visions of her