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Happy New Year!

Beautiful day in Costa Rica. I think I saw a woman that came to Healium but didn't know her name. I knew she came for a peaceful walk on the beach. This is sacred time with nature and I said, "Good Morning!" Looking at her brightly as I strolled. She smiled her beaming light smile. I think she is the same lady in Nosarra a few days ago. Welcome to Flamingo and welcome ending of the year 2021 and welcome to beginnings of 2022. Brighter and better intentions of growth and expansion to all of us. We are Light, We have from Heaven and We are Divine. Celebrate your journeys, and thank all the good, sad, happy, painful, angry moments in your life...these were all stepping stones to the now. Much love and keep your eye on the Light. There's no other way to be...You are truly a Being of Light. Welcome and surrender back into yourself my Loving Lights. Happy New Year's Eve and 2022!


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