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Healing All Loss of Life Through History and Other Worlds

It was time to do the work needed on a frequent basis. It's called clearing darkness like sweeping the leaves off the steps or driveway there is debris left from hotspots that need healing. We are called to heal all the hotspots where trauma, torture, war, mass killing or catastrophes man-made or naturally especially the Amazon and Dakota Pipeline and Trail of Tears but there are so many spots we need to clear and heal with forgiveness. The imbalance of the negative forces are to be removed for healing the earth, air, water and air and cosmos. It was necessary as we are evolving feeling the unexplainable weight of this darkness affecting all of us and our decisions to unite & unresolved healing with love and light to occur.

Rattling for the support of those Pure Light Ancestors and Primordial Tribes and Saluting the 7 Directions calling upon the Seraphim and each soul's life lost and still stuck and implanted in spots they died unable to detach mentally or physically from their body and suffering as time moves forward and their world stands still only to remember the illusion of their death and permanence of it needed healing. In this process, you must be clear, clear yourself with pure white light and ground and know that your protects both earthly and sacred (spiritual entourage) are here holding us firm and steady to do the work.

Crystals of past lives, healing all around and purity were placed. To evaporate and heal all blood shed on earth, air and water in the cosmos of this world and others that no more slavery, no more prison of the limited mind of the captors, no more torture, no more killing and condemnations and no more rituals of human sacrifices in any way deemed an honor or for consequence of being an 'enemy' will be kept in their spaces of darkness in their spots the passed. All prison camps and all internment camp or concentration camps where souls lost due to darkness will be dismantled where they died. That forgiveness be the last thing to do with each other after understanding that we must recall we are Heavenly Angels who became Earth-dwellers and now the imbalance in the Heavens is the heaviness holding the Heavenly Angels who planted themselves must be reminded that they are unlimited souls and their mind and temple of flesh no longer dictate their rising. They are reminded that love and light and healing chambers with their Angels and Guides can take them there to their healing, being loved and once again joining the Paternal / Maternal God/Goddess where all awaiting for you to join them in the Light. That Light is filled with so much love and joy that your soul once 'sees' it can know the path to the light is the completion to the Heavenly home. This is important to know that the family's that died and were trapped & separated from each other can now be back together without suffering, without condemnation, without pain and without worry into the Light. It's just that they forgot we were here temporarily to trigger some message, some feeling, some awareness what we must do better as human kind and living beings.

Prayers of all forces and leadership receive the light of compassion in their heart and all organizations dissolved the deemed the value to separation or superiority instead of love and unity are the prayers to honor. That we focus on these potentials of healing from ages and ages ago to the present. No longer vow to condemn, to limit, to create inequality or suppression or oppression. To be a place to live in all continents and worlds. To honor our plants and animals and their dwelling and know the land doesn't belong to us. We belong to the land and we must do better and take care of all of it together. It is not an occupation but a responsibility. Nor do the animals belong to us and their quality and life is important as well as the plants and their medicine in beauty and natural remedies.

Focus on this healing in all places known or unknown that the souls be taken with their pure light angels to the healing chambers of Heaven since theirs no masks, no fences, no borders to keep us from seeing each other as a part of the One. The Great One, the Creator/God/Goddess who embraces us all. As I do this, playing my heart crystal bowl and singing new words to "Glory" and call the Seraphim again as they sing 'Glory, Glory, and Glory!" It is a beautiful heart felt day. I could feel souls of many walks of life leaving the areas trapped returning back to the Eternal Heavenly Realm called Home. Where Paradise is nothing but beauty and brightness with Love and Oneness.

I burn a red candle to remove all blood shed unnecessarily and unjustly so those areas on this Earth and other worlds are healed and filled with light. Darkness dissolved and all is at peace in mind, body and SOUL. It is an honor to share my ritual with you. Thank you and pray for continual healing of all old and new hotspots on this earth with the Christlike Cloak of Compassionate Golden Light or Compassionate Golden Light be on each and everyone of us. Stop fighting and dividing and start be One. One tribe with allegiance to all that is good.

Much love and light to you. Loving Light Hugs. Namaste, Peace to you and Thank you for Being here. I am blessed with a green cricket as my sign before starting ritual of abundance of all that is good and joy in life. The ravens caw as I start my ritual in the distance and when completed the gentle breeze embraces the area and Father Sun shines as I sing. Thank you.


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