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Hindu God Lord Ganesh - Trust the Flow of Abundance 2/18/23

Dear Abundance Seekers;

Thank you for Being here. You are a light that never ceases and is beyond flesh. Your Soul is a sacred expression of the Divine. Your potential is bright if you clear your mind. Let us Meditate with Lord Ganesh, the Remover of Obstacles and God of Pleasure and the 1st Root Chakra which is read to connections to self and our relationships to others. Loving yourself first is most important. Just breathe in the Light of White Clarity into the top of your head and into your lungs and body and let it sit in your belly. Breathing in Light and breathing out any doubt, other people’s energy and situations that are not inspirational at all. Breathe in light a few times this sacred self clearing light. Be the Star that you are in the sky like in the constellations. Shining bright and clear. As you are grounded and relaxed you take in the root chakra light of red. Like a sparkling ruby on a sunny day

Can you remember the last blog of Ganesh we journeyed with me in my blog on Sexuality? Read this blog and continue onwards if you do not recall how we rode on a sacred boat with an eye and peacock feather to the Island beyond the almond and mangrove trees where Ganesh dwells in his palace in India. At this point, you are out on the shore of the boat removing your sandals or shoes to feel the sacred ground that the energy permeates into the soles of your feet, up through your legs into the root chakra (pelvic region or birth center whether male or female). You feel the root chakra is cleansed and enhanced by this red light and stronger so your journey with Lord Ganesh will flow and be easy. You feel it and it travels to your heart and it ignites the self love in your and into the top of your head and 3rd eye. You sit in this red light like a red sparkling ruby gemstone and feel you are ready for this journey.

Lord Ganesh is short and portly and has a pot belly. You feel his strength and his energy of power and pleasure. He welcomes you and takes you to his palace grounds filled with fountains and the palace is marble covered with gold. He welcomes you and asks you to notice the donkey brays and Ganesh reminds you that the false notions that a donkey is a fool or stubborn is not the lesson it is calling out to remind you of; instead it is reminding you to be steadfast on your goals and focused towards them as this is your inner journey of the mind and root chakra.

The God asks you to sit on the fountain filled with lily pads and lilies as they open at a certain time of day and then close at night. The lilies understand the cycle of time and life and there is a beginning and ending closing like a bud of prayer hands as its petals in gratitude of the day that has occurred. Trying to find gratitude in this daily practice will help you. Lord Ganesh reminds me and you and says: “Have Focus on Abundance, Focus only on Abundance and Flow and the Pleasure it will give you.” He tells me my name, he nicknames me “Starlight” which is Kaashvi in Hindu.

We sit and he says to observe the koi fish in this fountain. There is one that is white with gold spots and others of variations of gold and white and black colors. Ganesh sits at the fountain and they swim towards him effortlessly and directly in complete faith recognizing the energy he is.. He says they understand what complete focus is and know abundance and pleasure in their own faith towards it. He feeds the koi and continued telling us that they are not imprisoned in this palace as we do ask the koi to release them in fresh water but they understand that when you know what sacred space is; you wish to stay in a space but the obstacle you create in your mind is the fountain is a prison if your mind tells you a negative and that is when you are not in the frame of mind of trust…trust in abundance, flow and pleasure in your achievements. Do not get into the patterns of thoughts that made you stuck and dictated even from others or old behavioral responses to deserving what you wish to achieve. The fish are not followers or slaves but complete trust in the abundance and flow and the pleasure it gives them to be reminded and connect to this frame of mind. You and I trust the flow, the abundance of deserving all that is good for our own achievement from our heart and others are no longer held in our mind, heart and root chakra that told us otherwise. Let the memories go that inhibited you and do not spend time judging if good or bad or lamenting. Let it go and breathe in trust in the flow of abundance. Breath it in your root chakra now and hold it in your heart, mind and 3rd eye. Let this feeling embrace you and know that every breath is trust in the flow of abundance. What a beautiful honor you have done for yourself. Hold it in your belly like Ganesh holds the goodness in his. He loves the pleasure he gets from all his 5 senses and sits in the luxury of this energy you have gifted yourself. You feel so free and remember his words, trust, trust, trust in the flow of abundance and take this energy in you and return from being a Koi fish into your Sacred Body Bright Star. You have done well and take this into your physical body. It has been an honor to serve you and Lord Ganesh.

Remember to only trust, don’t use your monkey mind rocking back and forth in doubt and responses to others or the past and stay stagnant. Ganesh also wants to tell you to love yourself as your 4 walls you create have purposes and are holding stations sometimes to sit quietly and meditate releasing all doubt and others energy or old behavioral patterns. Sometimes we need time to isolate ourselves in a good way so we can think, clear and be assured…self assured we are capable of achieving any of our goals without judgment, without overthinking and without making obstacles in our mind. Do not build a labyrinth in your mind to deter you from focus and taking the actions needed to stay true to you and your goals. You are worthy and strong and capable enough to achieve without judgment of the steps needed as it will not be hard if you trust and focus on the abundance and flow of this lesson Lord Ganesh has gifted you. As you leave this sacred palace ground; you bow in ‘Namaskar’ hands in prostration before Ganesh and give him something of love, a token of gratitude and remember to breathe in this healing lesson and light and shine bright as you always are. Much love and Ganesh gives you an Indian sweet made of clarified butter (ghee) mawa (powdered milk) and is a golden color..sometimes it is ‘ladoo’ or ‘pera’ form to remember the sweetness of this visit and self empowerment you have chosen to go on in this journey. Gently float back to your body, back in this room of high potential and keep your Light and Focus on. You are deserving of all the good you focus on in trust and abundance. Namaste. Thank you for Shining Bright Dear Star of Divinity. I am grateful.


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