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House Clearing Long Distance in Camas, WA 8/2023

This is my story of mediumship and house clearing from long distance as asked if Spirit to do the work or not? The following is a client of mine who was concerned for her son and daughter-in-law’s rental in Camas, Washington to clear since the maid/cleaner felt negative energy in certain parts of the house and wanted a clearing on their behalf. She had talked to them and agreed that I do this and with this blessing and Spirit’s approval to proceed.

My client acting on behalf of her son and daughter-in-law told me about your house. I asked Spirit if I was the one to do the work. I was told to proceed. So before doing the work I asked the White Knights of (Heaven) of the Brotherhood who come to guard places where no negative or disturbances can enter to start off my work with God in doing this humble service. And they went to all borders of the house/building, even the upper levels  of the house and doorways and windows or entryways and kept any other disturbances or souls wandering in. My Client acting on your behalf as a couple sent me your pictures of your rental home. I felt her sitting on the yellow sunflower color throw and the corner on the rug by the white wicker chair. I did not feel a menacing spirit but a soul trying to find solace where she was lost and had no one to tell her story. She told me her story. This is her story.I recognize this soul, I convey healing of this soul and forgiveness for her to be at peace in the Light of the Heavenly Chambers of God with healing and happy reunions. Here is her story:

Well, there is a Native Woman that likes sitting on the areas of the yellow draped cloth on the bed and the rug area near the  wicker chair in the upper bedroom. She is wandering there as her husband, John died overseas on board because there were diseases and ships were not very sanitary in this time period. They were common law husband and wife. She left her tribe to be with John without the blessing of her parents. Her mother was impregnated by another tribe male and no one revealed this to her until her Heavenly Graduation yesterday. She is from the Powhatan or Algonquian tribes which are the names that  are one and same of this type of tribe in this area of Washington…The Spirit wandering soul is named "Antahalia" and the translation of her name is unknown. This was in the 16th Century period.

She mourned the loss of her husband, feeling alone and no family and not respected or recognized as John’s common law wife being Native. This area was forest and was her usual stroll and enjoyed & walked the forest trails through your son's property. It gave her solace and it was her walks there that she went to frequently whether upset or happy. Unfortunately, she was in a state of  grief and has anger that your maid feels in the basements as that is the area she strolled for her ‘happy’ or ‘peaceful’ place.  She was attacked by a bear and killed as she wasn’t paying attention to the season when bears are wandering to get ready for the winter. Antahalia… her body was left  in such a bad state …pieces here and there and they didn't bother to gather all parts of her body to bury her properly. She is upset about that as she looks hysterically at me and is in grief crying. She has long dark hair and wears the long sleeves and skirt clothing of that time period. Because she came so close to me and in her state of emotional distraughtness, I asked Archangel Michael to come and supervise this soul. He understands more than we do if a soul is a threat or menacing or needs healing. Then I asked her if she would like to see John again in the Heavenly realm where there is peace, healing and happy reunions. She said, “Yes.” I said, “I will ask your angels to come and escort you and show you the way. Is this okay and do you want this?” She answered (Antahalia): “Yes.” I asked, in addition,  “Once there for your healing; would you come back?” She said, “No.” Archangel Micheal witnessed this and didn’t through his own discernment need to intervene and he saw this soul needed healing, light and peace.I asked her angels to escort her as she seems hysterical and angry about her death and how they didn't respect her body. The came and led her to Heaven but there was a Healing Chamber just for her to heal all this anger, grief and distraughtness and gain peace, joy and love again and forgiveness and letting go of all that earthly tie to your house and that that was she was told by AA (Archanangel)  Michael and the Heavenly Dominions that this was needed first before reuniting with John her beloved. She agreed.

You can do something for her. You can do a ceremony to have forgiveness and have joy, healing and love for her. She likes the flower in the Sunflower family Arrowleaf Balsamwood and can you place silk or real ones in vases for 6 months monthly time to time… and see if you can plant them or have in planters in the outer corners of the property  with a prayer for her to forgive and stay in the light of the Healing Chambers of heaven. She sits on the yellow draped 'blanket' like the flower color as I said in the Upper bedroom…she is actually trying to find peace wandering the stairs from the basement when the maid arrives to the highest area of the house in that room and she likes to sit on the rug that is native design blue next to wicker white chair. She wanders up and down stairs but the upper room is what she likes in effort to avoid the maid but unavoidably the maid is there to clean the entire place and it can’t be helped and she gets annoyed again by the maid’s presence for her need to reach some peace somewhere when she comes to the bedroom in the higher level to stay out of the maids way. She can’t be seen or heard until now about her predicament and why she is in your property that wasn’t there back then and was the forest where she walked frequently until her death.

Anyway, I am just sharing the dilemma of this soul and a resolution on your part to please do a prayer for her to be released from the earthly realm so she can heal as it is her assignment first before she reunites with John. So he waits for her to heal. 

The maid disturbs her so the lower basement is where she is remembering her death and mistreatment of burial and that's why she (maid/cleaner) feels her anger and distraught energy...combination of grief and being left parts unburied.  Please have their cleaner to reach more closure by buying fresh flowers or silk ones. The cleaner acting as an earth angel on your behalf. Kindness heals.  I hope this clearing will benefit your son and daughter in law. Below is the link about the common flowers in this region that Antahalia loves.


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