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How I started on my Path as a Healer

Well, many questions pop up in my center or healing sessions about how I got started being a healer. Let’s just say in past lives I have been different types of healers. Let that thought fly out of your mind and then I can say that I was speaking to my angels, guides and animals and seeing the dead as a little girl.

First encounter with spirits was as a baby but I couldn't speak as I used to see orbs and cry when I was around my family. I then talked to my angels since then when I understood how to speak and talk in my prayers. At times; I had an imaginary friend or friends. These were my angels and guides. I didn’t know their names because I didn’t know what to ask.

My parents were not ones to sit down and talk about talking to angels and how to dialogue or my guides. I spent a lot of time playing alone and spoke to my animals. I didn’t know I was speaking with my mind and or thinking about the process or analyzing. I just thought about speaking and it is happening. I didn’t keep records as to when it started but it started at a young age.

When my little sister died in front of our family on an airplane without doctor or CPR knowledge from the flight crew; that was the first time I saw a soul leave it’s body. I didn't have anyone to talk to or dialogue because my mother was holding her and in shock and crying and my Dad was asking for medical help that never came.

I used to experience these diverse souls in my Mom’s room. All ages, sizes, time periods of languages I didn’t know. I would ask them to speak clearer or louder to understand. They all talked at once too loud and then I said, “I am sorry, I cannot hear you all talking at the same time and words/languages I don’t understand. I am leaving.” I would run past the room and this was 4 to 5 years old.

As I was growing up; in traumatic experiences and places; I got stronger in the choices of my guides and angels 8 years old onwards. I would ask for more inspiring ones and they would be replaced with the desolate place I lived in. I began to hear more dialogue with angels telling me this would happen and trust me. Then I would learn air and fire by playful methods of being asked to blow towards the candles on church altars and make the flame go in different directions like left or right, etc. during mass. I was in the choir so Spirit/God was teaching me by unharmful play.

Then I got stronger hearing the animals. I was frustrated living with so many animals that we couldn’t provide enough food or care and some ran away or passed. I spoke a lot to our family dog. My family were dog people but sometimes cats choose us.

My dogs would always do human-like things like open a door that was unlocked, sit on the couch like me or whine or cry when I cried and lick my face when I was sad. I then had these gifts of knowing when a person would pass in divine timing because I asked for divine timing and not a mass of information from everywhere. I gave messages to folks in my teens but my parents were scared of my revelations that were just simple things but they were scared. They kept me away from crowds or people unless they were there, especially my Mom.

I then began to see things like if I wondered if someone was okay near or far and see them. I would know to call or write to them. I would only ask innocent questions. I listened a lot and let people talk. People were drawn to me because I like to listen and hear their stories. I have been a storyteller and creative writer since I was little.

I would draw a picture to go with my writings and my 6th grade teacher tried to get my parents to drive me to higher achiever schools and showed my work to professors of the Univ. of AZ. He tried but my parents weren’t willing to drive me let alone they couldn’t feed me and my brother’s properly or clothe us properly. My brother and Dad used to say you think you are better than us.

I would be hurt by those comments. I didn’t ever get the chance because my parents didn’t value education.

I did go to Univ. of AZ because my Mom worked there and my scholarships to colleges were passed up because they wanted to send me there without money to pay for lodging or attempt to find or travel with me there.

So I miserably stayed in AZ. I didn’t like our life. There were a few incidents I knew when loved ones passed and they spoke to me from a distance from the bed as they lay dying. Pretty soon I would have conversations with them of their choosing asking me to die or stay and I would guide them to ask themselves and their choices to weigh out and question. I would tell them in my mind to their soul and mind and body asking ‘thy will be done’ and it is your sacred contract to leave or go. It is not my mind, body and soul and your sacred decision must only come from you and no one else. Then they would speak to me the day dying from a distance and tell me and make sure they were sure and I would give them a nod and tell them their choice was sacred and thank them for including me in their decision.

I then realized I could be feeling others is what I would do and seeing and hearing energy. I didn’t know what that was and again my parents never wished to talk about it with me or have discussions amongst themselves. They were unhappily married healers enhancing karma within and between and upon us kids. We had to be aware of that later.

As I grew; I could see the dead watching me I would encounter in divine timing. Divine timing is able to fully focus on the healing needed and not be spread out and given the time and guided healing for the individual requesting. I late