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Jealousy Creates Karma - Check Yourself Lovingly

Jealousy is a dangerous thing to unity, love, oneness. If you do not have oneness with yourself and love yourself; you will look to the outside for an excuse or blame why you are not happy with yourself. You will create destructive ways to alienate others because you alienate your own self. Face the truth in the mirror. When you are jealous someone else may grasp what you think you own or have; you are deeply misguided to think that you keep someone or something to yourself. It is like a child who has a toy and thinks because it gives itself joy; it remains a outside object or person to give you that purpose and joy. This is a false assumption that someone else or something else can give you purpose and fulfillment and happiness. You only make yourself suffer when you limit your own view of exploring new things, discovering new things or places in your life for yourself. This is self love growing in life never ends so create beautiful experiences in your mind and act on it. If you are a role model for others displaying separatism or division and thinking making less of one person or things or create a situation making someone else less or the situation skewed in your favor of who is bad; you are gravely creating karma. Karma does get you and will bite your @ss and so the story goes.

When someone treats you well with good intentions just to be helpful and loving; don't interpret it to get what you have away from your false illusion of purpose and happiness; you will be anxious and soon enough you will be deemed to have two faces.

People will catch on and when you are a role model displaying displeasure, ignorance instead of acceptance educating yourself; you have limited yourself into the dark seat of false power. Your ego loves this when you try to bring others down because your focus is off your path and when you become destructive will trip and fall on your own accord and doing...don't lose can repair yourself by being true to who you are and what your goodness can be and revisit.

Make amends to those you have wronged because you can't seem to understand nor fathom you are divine and able to make strides and not paralyze yourself and think your voice is not to be heard. Make it heard so you get satisfaction you are asking for what you want, what you take action on what you will be with new outlook & fresh experiences. This is the lesson lately.

If you don't love yourself; look at the people who reinforce inability to move and be happy as your support system. Know who your true allies are in forward and positive thinking taking steps to be self motivated and take the ACTION and be assured you are persistent in making your own life happy. Just saying love you and you can love others. Judge others; you are less than desirable to be an open channel of love and all starts with you. Take care of your mind, your voice, your body by Living with your Soul and evolve. I say this with much love.


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