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Journey II with the Moari Crystal Healing Set 3/3/2005

This time we utilize the entire set. I have used these when called to do one on one crystal healings with this method of clearing and bringing back you divine essence/light. This has been handed down by a lineage man to an Elder Native American Elder in Georgia to teach us how to heal with this special traditional Moari Tribal layout.

I transport myself and wait patiently in a white quartz pyramid suspended in time. Isis is there and crowns me with a crown and scepter and calls me her 'little queen' and her 'apprentice' very lovingly. We embrace ad she tells me to go where I left off from the 5 Crystal Quartz healing. She says go to the corner of the pyramid and find the Moari Elder Woman Lineage Keeper again. I find her and her hair is disheveled and she turns from a tear dried face with Moari tattoo on her child. She tells me royalty does not need a crown and scepter where I come from and beckons me to follow her.

We are merged in white light in the land called "New Zealand." Here you will learn to ride the Whale she says but firs you must understand wha the Whale means to us. Then you must honor the Whale and I have leis and offer them to the Whale and a basket of fish. She tells me" Feed the Whale". I do so and then tells me to slow down and tell me to observe the children playing in the water and being with the Whales and watch them ride the whales. She says approach the Whale slowly and ask it if you may ride. I ask and the The Moari Elder asks the Whale to go down very slowly in the water so I can learn to ride it with breathing in it's air it blows out and then get the hang of it slowly. As she asks the Whale to go to deeper water; she asks me: "Observe the ocean below and see all life in it. I see water and going a little faster so I see some life like urchins, etc. I am so nervous and am in awe of this. She tells me: "Don't worry as I'll swim beside you." and she does. She tells me when it's time for me to let go.

As I am riding; I see an ancient boat with people who have oars and she tells me to swim towards the boat and I do so. I let her enter first before me in respect. I kiss her hand. We sail off and become like a ghost-ship and disappear.

I am then in another space and time where I am taken to see my children as parents. My daughter is frustrated because her young son is very psychic and nows her every more and finding it hard to discipline him. I call him my nickname. Cute with dark hair about 6 to 8 years old. I advise her to reason and asks how to handles situations to him and not dismiss him and guide him with wisdom of positive choices instead of starting the sentence with scolding and a negative label will shut his attention off of her. Try to have him understand circumstances and have him resolve these. Then I suggest I utilize my Moari Crystal layout on him to heal.

Another moment later, my son walks in and greets me. I see his daughter and she has tan skin but golden hair. She greets me as Grandma and asks to bake cookies with me. I say "Yes! " You know from my past life and this that I love to cook/bake. LOL.

As time progresses and moves quickly to a time where they are grown up. My grandson is before an audience teaching about different crystals with the real pyramids. My Granddaughter is talking about Levitation. I see myself with log white hair and lecture workshop about working with energy. I am now seen in a ceremonial circle wearing Native American clothing outdoors on the ground. A young woman in her 20s who is the Crystal teacher's daughter is all grown up now as well. She had long blonde hair and she is valued with the tribes on her psychic abilities since she was a young child. She hugs me. My older sibling appears and tell him not to be afraid of his gifts as a government worker (he is not to discuss of delve into this nor has he had any interest). I leave this scene like scenes in movies showing certain main clips of this spiritual journey.

I am in a graveyard and see 2 gravestones and am told release blockages of old pain and negative experiences of my parents and each stone has their names carved on it. Spirit tells me: "This is where to leave all this in the plots to be buried. Do not believe what other's tell me and be what I am and what other's think or tell me." Such wise words from Spirit as it is time to leave.

I am back in my pyramid. and return to my body as I ground and protect and open my eyes. The crystal teacher, and 3 other students are present. I am grateful and thank them all for the healing. The Crystal Teacher hears my journey and acknowledges the Rites of Passage in Moari way in my journey riding the Mighty Whale of Mother Earth symbol. Then one of the men who took thie crystal healing class; confirms he had a dream several days ago about me riding the whales. He has worn in earthly time a t-shirt with Whales. Then a movie pops up on television called "The Whalerider." I am honored again by the teachers of the Light and Great Spirit. Thank you.


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