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Journey to All Worlds/Dimensions 10/9/2006

Dear Ones;

Why do you see some titles of journeys similar but different dates and stories. It is because we are ever evolving and the energies change and a revisit is necessary to reinforce or see another perspective of the lessons that Spirit shares with me to share with you. Do you always remain the same from birth to life? Do you keep the same body shape, hairstyle and clothing even in the change of seasons? Do we have friends and family always the same?

I think you understand my point as stated above even more by asking these self reflective questions.

Today I was called to my deck to overlook my magical backyard. I stood by the flowers given to me with love from my Husband. Thy sit inside a flame-style vase he bought with love for my Goddess Gatherings at home. I was told not to sit as usual and all guardian were called. I stood there and was told that all my prayers and what I wanted would be answered and all in the Council of Wizards granted me my prayers. I asked what to given in return? They replied: "Nothing!" Your prayers were what was to be a chalice of many colors when needed bee for healing and receiving wisdom as it poured in when the time came. I was honored by this and am still grateful. Even as I type this; I am emotional and so gratefully filled. Spirit told me not to worry the Elements and all are blessing you and embrace. The Elements of Fire Air, Water and Earth.

I traveled down to the Underwood where I met Skull man. Skullman is the Keeper of the boat the crosses the River of Styx in the Lead of the Dead. He was a cartoon drawing wavering and flickering like those who understand the energy changes lately (erratic). He had these hidden bumps under his skin. I asked, "What was wrong?" He said, "He needed my energy to help him keep going. So many passing now these days and so I illuminated after asking my Power Animals near me and touched his outreached hand. He wore a scarlet cloak with hood. He had blonde hair and became a youthful young boy. He was startled because he saw my power animals. I explained: "They are my helpers and won't harm you but heal you." My Power Animals guard my body both earthly and sacred but the Temple Guardians were there and All in my Garden to protect me. He was frightened because he never saw all my power animals accompany me so he then realized and apologized and told the power animals that he was not taking energy from me and only wanted to heal. I lovingly grasped his hand and blew white golden light to travel through his body to invigorate him again. He was smiling and feeling so good.

Lord Ayahuasca (herbal medicine used to vision work or inner explorations) was not present. I asked Skullman where he was? Skullman replied, "He is guarding the entrance to the volcano type cave!" As he said this,; I saw him in my mind standing at the entrance all bones and with cloak as well. He came in and turned to dust and built up his bones. He was then being built up as flesh as I saw muscles, vein, etc. being formed slowly and this his skin was a violet color. The color God/Goddess and he look androgynous. (Violet Flame is the healing flame of Father-Mother God).

Spirit spoke to me: "This is what you are and so he/she can be either masculine or feminine as well. This is balance because he/she can choose (As Spirit spoke) the body, clothes and accessories were placed on the clothing and hair with different expressions masculine and feminine portrayals in physical form.)". He was a beautiful woman with dark hair and then a very rugged man with beard and fierce expressions with ancient clothing and sword at hand.

Spirit went on and said, "It is not the clothing but the intention to do this all follows in how we express ourselves." It was time to go as instructed and finished with the Underworlds visit to travelled into the Upperworld.

The Upperworld, Lord and God of the Gods was there in the form of Zeus and many Gods and Goddesses to express the feminine and masculine with virtual lessons expressed in human forms. I was a golden white lighted dove with large wings and butterfly ones at that. I wore a mask of golden fairylike butterfly design on my face. Felt like a swan in "Swan Lake" the play. Anyway Zeus greeted me and I was envelope din the arms of Minerva the Goddess of Beliefs working on what the Divine Essence is in all our beliefs. She held me in her starry iridescent robes of blue-purple twilight. She was melting all the false beliefs away and purifying me. What a transformation that was seen today! Reminder- in your own journeys will you see what your God may be and what helpers may be. I am just called to learn Universally with reference to past lives and who were my helpers at the time so they will vary.

As the journey went on, I traveled to the Middleworld. It is this world portion where there were mass deaths and the blossomed into a 1000 petaled golden lotus sent out in sparks of healing and asked the angels and healing elements to assist these souls into their place of healing of light and love. Spirit encouraged me to call them and they came. I am grateful this happened. When I sense I was finishing being the vessel (opening to fill with only Light wisdom); I went back to my earthly body and gave great thanks for the Light wisdom from all 3 dimensions/world. I share this with you the with pure loving possibilities and open minds. Namaste.


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