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Journey to Honor a New Power Animals with the Hathors 3/6/08

Dear Ones;

Thank you for allowing me to share with you. I requested an intent to heal my heart and welcome our new addition to our power animal and Pure light helper family -- The Eagle (Foresight medicine). I sat and smudged myself and asked my Protectors, Guides and All Spirit Helpers to be there as Spirit guided me on a journey to the realm which needed visiting.

I was golden and had the third eye sitting in meditation lotus pose with arms and hands facing upwards. I went and saw the Hathors conveying their comfortability (another journey I visited their planet) now as I went to visit the Great One - the Orb of the Great Power and was told I saw my 3rd eye and visit would be free to travel in as I was trusted. I went there and flew down to my Pyramid of Power and there was the Healing Table of Isis motioning me to lay for crystal healings.

The Ancient Maori Crystal Lineage-Keeper was there and place the layout of Maori Crystal Set on me. I glowed where the crystals were illumined in golden white light. Then I was allowed into the Great One's Orb and chamber again to be reminded of Archangel Gabriel's Healing Orb of Green and Black in the Center.

I was told that my heart needed to let go of the past and not the old programming of past life slavery energy. I was making myself the slave in my own mind to others. You are loved and say you are loved. I repeat that "I am loved!" to myself.

The Lesson:

I was blessed when the Golden Eagle wrapped its wings around my head. I was given the holy stand of Violet Flame Cords that expanded into my body as the light became golden white.

The Violet Flame was used to remove old karmic or DNA programming. I was told that vibration travels up and down the energy of these cords but vibration is not movement and is noticeable with these cords. It felt like a healing to my heart. I then saw the Eagle was sickly (empathic power animal of foresight) so I sent the same energy as it caressed me again to receive it and the Eagle was illuminated in Gold. We are bonded now.

The Eagle flew down as I gazed and followed observing the Eagle sweep down the Underworld swooshing playfully around The Skull Man (Crosses souls over the River of Styx) and Lord Ayahuasca (healing plant for journeying for growth). They were pleased and I sent healing golden flowers in mid air to them. They laughed in delight at my visit and were feeling the energy.

I then went back to my physical earthly body and observed Goddess Lakshmi (Abundance) and she had 2 elephants whose trunks caressed each side of my shoulder around my neck gently and then my back to assure me of no harm and peace between us. She told me all of what I prayed for was coming in abundance and not to worry that everyone would be taken care of. I then had a saffron colored fiery light come from the open palms of my hands and shot out golden light and held slivered almonds as offerings.

There was Lord Ganesh (Elephant headed God and Remover of Obstacles) with a silvery pot of yellow rice

and ghee and was pleased as I sent these into the pot to complete what one of his favorite foods were.

He loves rich foods and sweets. I felt he was going to use it in a feast but I was told to go back and gave

thanks to All. Namaste and I was honored to receive these gifts today.


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