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Journey to "The Elemental's Heaven" on Earth 8/14/2003

In this personal journey; I discovered what heaven was like for the elementals that dwell on earth. As usual, my Tree Sister - Chrysalis beckons me to journey today.

She senses a sadness within me and tells me: "Sadness is a natural thing and some things are improving for me." She spoke of my North Shaman, Peruvian Shaman and Lakota Shaman and the rest of the group studying under their teachings and assured us that we are all evolving.

She shape-shifted into a Tree Spirit with dragonfly (power of light) wings. Life was crawling all around me as I sat there near Chrysalis. I could hear the ants, slugs, and earth-centered bugs around me.

One of the fairies I could feel missed me and hung out hanging off the vine observing while I journeyed. I shape-shifted into a yellow crown of flowers on My Tree Spirit's head. Chrysalis called me "The Crowning Glory." She assured me that no power animals needs to come along because we were going to visit "The Elementals' Heaven."

I had another tree called "Ellijay" that I became friends with to enter access climbing up to pierce entrance into the Upperworld. On the way to our destination the path was a sticky taffy white pathway that became irritating afterawhile and she assured me to just take flight to a huge Ancient Tree. There was a garden type arch around the doorway small enough for an elf that had a light bulb of green light to enter. If you were denied the visit to The Elementals' Heaven then the light bulb was red. If you opened the small wooden arched door; the light would flicker as if a warning or notice to the Elementals that a visitor was in their domain.

As you entered, you could smell the moistened earth and sap of this Ancient Tree. You could hear small voices and deep voices but it was still too dark for my eyes to view the Elementals. The Elementals are fairies, elves, dwarves, gnomes, etc. I caught a glimpse of a gnome and then an elf and heard the wings of fairies (faeries) fluttering about.

By this time; my eyes adjusted to the lighting inside the tree and could see the fairies and the face of the Ancient Tree inside formed by holes in the trunk with eyes, nose and mouth. The Ancient Tree expanded in height and there was a voice that said that the face was "God." I asked the face: "Who am I? Where will I be?" The face said, "You are you and that is what you will be." Light poured through the openings of the face.

I was approached by a few fairies. One was named "Chim" & the other "Seraph" and said he like my songs when I sang. Then to my honor; the Fairies' Queen appeared and was very hospitable and offered me "wine" to refresh and welcome me. Their wine was 'mead' and herbal honey and wine concoction served in acorn tops as goblets. As a crown of flowers still on Chrysalis' head; tasted like nectar to my senses.

There was a stone of wisdom called "Mordecai" in my other journeys in this journey and asked of his purpose here? Mordecai said, "To teach wisdom to those who seek it." Tiny owls flew around dropping a few feathers on me and Chrysalis's head.

There were more fairies that flew around that looked like green dew drops you see in the early morning. As one approached me closer; she looked like a tiny plantlike green flower that gave me clover flowers as a healing gift as dew splashed from her into my eyes to help me see much clearly and not blinded by so much light. She told me her name was "FireLife" and I questioned why dew if your name has fire in it? She replied, "It is necessary for your eyes because you are the Element of Fire." She advised me to were clothing of blue and purple for Anointing to come. I asked: "Why not wear white instead." FireLife said: "White is a good color but not an earth color and will get dirty and besides the blue and purple suits me."

She also suggested red as Passion at other times for me to wear. Then she suggested the ultimate colors of the chakras was most favored advise for me to wear from this journey's healing elemental's loving words.

As I journeyed further down into the Ancient Tree hearing fairy wings fluttering; there was an enclave that had a small statue inside. The fairies told me that the statue was me! The statue looked so peaceful and covered with many butterflies that fluttered out of the way to see my view. I saw myself dressed in purple and blue gown and had many arms (like Kuan Yin - the Goddess of Compassion that helps me). Each of the arms had a wing. I walked closer and Grandmother Spider (Wisdom) appeared before I could reach the transformed me and gave me medicine by biting my arm. I didn't worry as this was my sacred body and a realm where it was to help instead of harm me.

Chrysalis said, "It was time to go but the fairies wanted me to stay; so I did." In my transformed self; I flew with the fairies having the time of my life and Chrysalis guided me towards home again & accompanied me flying with her dragonfly wings. I was safe to stay a little longer as I was more sensible enough not to go beyond a certain amount of time because I needed to rejoin my earthly body soon and the last time my Jaguar power animal had to be Momma and tell me to come home because fairies lose track of time and it was my responsibility to listen and take heed. Haha!

We flew out of the tree past the other elementals and out the door and I dropped off into my earthly body. Chrysalis returned to her Tree form once again I no longer her Crown of Glory. As I became grounded I saw the small fairies lights slowly disappear after thanking them and all for their version of Heavenly experience and my transformation and placement in the Universe. It was a humbling and very fun experiences. My North Shaman Teacher use to tell me that I had a childlike view of the world and had the small hands in prostration to the Universe even when I danced. This was a blessing. I hope you enjoyed the possibility of transforming and listening to guidance of light. Peace and laughable and amusing journeys of self be gifted you with no harm. Much love, laughter and bliss. Namaste.



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