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Kindness of Men during Junior High School - Summer 1980

Hello Beloveds;

If you read my blog on “Strong Woman Testing by Patriarchal…” was not an introduction to slice and dice all males in existence. I wanted to share the kindness of men in my young high school years.

There were times however, I felt near my senior year that the energy of male teacher’s were attracted to me but just didn’t give into their energy. I would focus on what I was there I had taken some college prep classes and business classes.

We were a poor struggling family and I didn’t have transportation or willing parents to have me involved in afterschool programs. It would be a long walk home if I did. I was approached by my business education teachers as I was a ‘A' student to sign up for the Office Education Program that didn’t have the quality students they wanted that could wear business wear, test well and interview well for the Cooperative Office Education. They told me to come early before classes started and they told me that we can add you to the roster because no one is able to test, dress and interview like you. I said that I had not signed up for the class and it required that but I had classes. Instead of continuing the solution of schedule changes; they both told me they would handle that. They would add me to the roster, mark me active and mark written projects and homework turned in. I told her that if a student found out; that I and they would be in trouble. They asked me: “Are you hungry and need the money?” I stopped and thought and then said, “Yes.” They continued to ask me: “Then don’t you need this job?” I said, “Yes.” They assured me of no worries.