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Light Your Fire - Repost to Recall Your Inner Fire

Hello my Fire Dancers/Makers/Beings;

Here's a repost to remember to 'Light Your Fire' in your life. A storytelling for you and your passion in this life time on earth. Stick to the commitment of YOU!

Light Your Fire - We journeyed after breathing and grounding with Light, Peace and Love to a canyon with many peaks in the desert. We experience the hot sun on our skin and the light blue skies and the serenity. The cliffs and peaks were sandy orange and purple hues in it. The cool breeze caressed our skin and gave relief from the hot sun. The wind danced with us and carried us to a space on flat land where there was sage brush and cacti and ancient mounds of evidence of an old tribe's existence. In the distance a person waved at us and we walked on the salty, dry, graining hot sand between out toes and feet; we saw the style of clothing, markings, eyes, hair and facial features of our guide. We followed the guide to a campfire where many of the community welcomes us. We were told the fire is a cleanser, a healer, ignitor and transformer. Merging with the fire would cause no harm in this realm. So the fire was white for purification and cleansing of all the does not service us in the now or unhealthy ties, we allowed ourselves to be bathed and cleansed in fire. Then we thought of our passions and inspiration in the fire...the flame turned red and we breathed in our passion - our inspirations that we are committed to the best self in fulfilling what no long can be blocked or ignored...after feeling complete inspiration we acknowledge all that is sacred about ourselves in truth as the flame turned blue for healing, completion and your own truth in Sacred Self. As we were gratifide in this truth we took this inspiration and truth into our mind and body of our earthly body and became one. Ready to be who we are. Thank you. Namaste and Peace to you. Much much love.


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