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Living a Life in Gratitude

April 11, 2019 | Blue Thunder

Such a pleasure to celebrate out anniversary of Healium Center with you all yesterday. 4/10/2019. We started 4/4/2014 and some of you were still with us. Thank you for being here. The Storytelling Meditation was the old style when we started with sound healing. We breathed and grounded and just allowed our bodies to relax into Mother Earth. You had a trunk go into our Nurturer and Provider and rooted ourselves breathing in peace into our nose, into our lungs and belly/body and then released what doubts, fears, anxiety and stress illusions into her. She is the Mother who feeds, clothes and provides shelter and the beauty all around you. You continued to breath peace in 5 times and then keep relaxing your spine and body surrendering into her and your muscles and bones all relax with closed eyes. Know that your Pure Light helpers are here to guide, guard and support your earthly and sacred body in this journey towards gratitude. Have we been bogged down with stress and the illusion of darkness? Have we forgotten how Divine and Sacred we are? Everything is temporary and this is our gift of peace to ourselves. You then breath in this purple light. It is the symbol of the higher self and it comes into the top of your head down through and around your body and bathes your cells. Now breath very softly and gently and see this all inside and around you. Our Earthly body is relaxed as our Sacred body takes a journey to another dimension. You are standing facing a meadow filled with wild flowers. You see your bare feet on the grass and smell the sweetness of the grass & flowers. It is a sunny day and the breezes brushes against you skin soothing it from the heat. The meadow is surrounded by a forest of many types of trees. You take notice of one tree and are drawn to this tree. You walk to this tree, sit down and you touch it feeling it's bark exploring it and see the leaves or needles and smell of the tree. This tree is your teacher and a history keeper of life around it. It's life force always flowing. You touch the tree and feel it's heartbeat. You feel the heart energy of the tree flow into your hand and arm, into your heart and down your body into your trunk and roots and then you see the roots of the tree below you touching yours and it flows into the trees roots and up it's trunk into it's heart and it cycles around. Feeling the energy of heaven and earth. Moving stagnant energy and rejuvenating you and you keep breathing with the cycle of this energy. Keep breathing together you and the tree are one. After you breath this and clear all debris think of what you have gratitude for. You think about your life journey and those who supported you and you them, your teachers, your ability to have 5 senses, to breath, and for having a life you have. Keep breathing think about the gratitude and blessings in your life. It is a great reminder that we are Divinity walking and any time we feel less or feel alone or feel low; think of the the things you are grateful for and this will bring you back into perspective to a Soulful Being walking this path of life. We are eternal and we are flesh. Feel this gratitude exude all around you. Now take this Gratitude energy you feel back to return to your Earthly body to be grounded, to know you are always loved, you are powerful, you are peace and you are grateful. Begin to move your toes and fingers and limbs and open your eyes back into the room and into the now. Open your eyes to the Awareness of your Divinity and you are Divine. Thank you, peace to you and Namaste.


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