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Maternal Message and Appreciation

In 2015 with psychic school - Horizon Healing Center of Intuitive Awareness. Blessings to JoAnn. This is a repost!

The meditation this past Wednesday focused on Maternal Energies and honoring the maternal inspiration in your life. I will share a meditation with a psychic school for a workshop on meeting our spirit guides or how to heal them and release age old ones. After the short class the director invited the class to a meditation to Mother Mary. I was asked and the group if it was okay knowing we all were from diff. denominations if we'd like to join in with her. We agreed and we're fine.

The meditation we sat in circle. She asked us to breath and close our eyes. To send our love and thoughts to honor Mother Mary. To see Mother Mary and feel her energy and hear what she had to say or show us and keep to the vibration of love and honor to her.

I saw Mother Mary draped in lace shining gold veil that covered her entire body. She said thank you for thinking of me. Then she opened her veil as she wore a white tunic and her Heart and it looked like the Sacred Heart from my childhood memory of her son, Jesus (Mithra, Issa, Buddha, Atum,,,etc.). She said this is where your heart energy is on you. You are the energy expressed from your heart...this is you. She then said 'I love you and all. It is unconditional love and it doesn't matter, gender, sexual orientation, weight/height, religion, culture, race or whether you play a good or bad is difficult for someone to take on the bad role to teach the polar opposites and in the end when you meet up in will laugh and see that it was only a plan to expand your soul in light and no grudges be held. Then she saw the 5 women seated and she sent a dozen golden roses to our feet in gratitude. She said I wish to blow the Light into your foreheads (3rd eye) like the Holy Spirit/Nur/White Pure Light. She then turned in a circled and disappeared....we work from our meditation/intention/devotions and we shared our experience. I went last. The women confirmed various sensations...some felt the breeze on their forehead, othesr smelled a faint smell of roses. I had been instructed by Spirit to bring roses to this school not knowing she would have a dedication to Mother Mary. I gave a rose to her and some for the director's birthday. I went back in 3 weeks and the rose was still fresh...She told people it was from a meditation. I held my finger to my lips and said it is Mother Mary and not me...Peace and love.


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