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Message from Old Man Winter on Solstice 2023

Hello Sacred Hearts;

It is a journey thus far with the situations of the dark night of the souls for many years. It is time to visit the Teacher, Old Man Winter. I see him wear deer antlers and his crown. He has a long beard. His skin is olive and his eyes gentle viewers that see deep within you. We are transported to a winter wonderland where he resides in a torch and candle lit cave. The cave is the maternal symbol of going within like the bear hibernates until Spring. It nourishes itself beforehand to hold over for its future cubs or a slumber of deep reflection into the Realm of Seeing. With your 3rd eye you sit in front of him on a bear rug. The bear rug is that of Thor in which he wears to understand shattering the illusions of divisiveness, lack and ego. You sit there and you are layered with winter clothing. He speaks to you in a voice that feels like Ancient Wisdom vibrating from the Influences of above. He says the layers are like the Chalice of Light you are that are covered with darkness and all is an illusion. We believe in the darkness and act in kind like the darkness when we need to fill our minds and bodies with our soul's choice of light, love, harmony, peace and peaceful resolutions that embrace everyone, every living being in Unity. Keep this in mind.


Old Man Winter in his red robes of vibrancy looks so weary. He says: “I am weary, so tired now and I am ready to be replaced by vibrancy and the youth of high potential.” You think of a gift for this Ancient Sage. He points to the ground beside him on his right and manifests and burns fire beside him and the cauldron …the Cauldron of Manifestation I alchemically create the elixir of healing for Him. I am putting in forgiveness, love, peace, healing, UNITY and eliminating the ego.

Old Man Winter tells me he is so tired and he says “Mankind has been operating from EGO and the masculine divine has been out of alignment. Destruction, fences, borders and lines of division and violence instead of communication to resolve has been precedent. How do you understand that peace is the way of existence for all? I am so tired he continues: The military, the government, sports and fraternities have given over to the imbalances of the masculine divine. Since when is torture, killing and weaponry been a peace offering?” He continues and he drinks the elixir and feels empowered and rejuvenated. He tells me to take a flask and an aromatizer spray to the Earth and Universe. I go in my sacred body and spray the elixir to All and return to Him as my service has been done.

See each and everything as a thriving living being on this planet and see this touched everyone’s heart. He gives me what looks like the Sacred Heart of Jesus and it is a gold crown that fits into my hands and as I touch it and you touch yours to it…it ignites so much pure love and compassion that it will inspire compassionate resolve and existence as One.  Thanking the Old Man Winter as he sips the elixir and his eyes and being burned so brightly filled with the hope and love for All. I thank him for this lesson to share with you. Release the thought that everything is concrete and real as the growth of transformation is occurring and believe with faith continually in joy, resolve, loving each other but love ourselves to do that and do the positive. Create a world that embraces not imprisons, tortures, kills or divides and lives a life as Heaven on Earth.

Namaste a gift to you and me for this Winter Solstice. Burn your Sacred Hearts, Have Faith and live in Unity. Peace on Earth and Goodwill to ALL. (Image by Loralwear tees ...Artist Unknown)


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