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Offerings and Prayers is a Ceremony for Healing & Balance 12/8/2021

Offerings and Prayers is Ceremony for Healing & Balance 12/8/2021

Dear Beloved Ones;

When we make offerings and prayers; it is a ceremony of honoring what you have been gifted and in praise and gratitude for these blessings. It is a way to be consistent in our appreciation of the phases of the seasons, seasons in life, seasons in relationships, seasons of existence and transformation. Offerings are not only for when we need something. It is a regular maintenance of respecting and honoring the gifts Great Creator/Spirit/Allah/Yahweh, God/Goddess has given us on our soul path on this planet or whatever planet you are on.

When you recognize the changes of the seasons; you honor the phase of nature and you will understand the seasons in your life as well as relationships to self (old) letting go and new (celebration of the now). When we recognize our life journey in phases, whether going to school, working towards a certification or degree or physical feat; it is always good to remember how you did not exist in the flesh until Grace was given to you. When you do ceremony; you connect to the Divine Grace/Creator and you become more assured and at peace that things will work out if we focus on the flow instead of blockages in our minds, emotions, hearts, and bodies.

Some suggested ways of Offerings/Prayers of Ceremony is using flowers/ stones, feathers, tobacco, incense, oils that are natural, food. If we feed Mother/Father Earth, Mother/Father Sky, Mother/Father Water, Mother/Father Air, Mother/Father Fire or give offerings to the realms of light and to our Primordial Tribe and Ancestors; we do a great service to healing all the elements & all in existence with our pure intentions. It doesn’t matter if you belong to a tribe or not; it is a choice of dedication and sincerity to heal and give thanks.

Other ways of offerings are to create from your heart in dedication whatever you choose, self expression by creating art, dance, poetry, sound or movements or songs or playing an instrument or making food. It is ancient knowledge and throughout history that we offer these up not in fear or for getting something only; it is a consistent dedication of our connection to Great Spirit/Creator/Divine Grace that we recognize we are never separated no matter form or shape we are in. We are never separated through our celebrations or trials. We are never separated whether we are joyful or depressed or whether we are triumphant or defeated. We are always connected to the Source of Light and Grace and do a ceremony to your calling.

Some tribes give candies to the Earth or tobacco. When someone throws tobacco to the Earth; is returned and consumed by the Earth, Water, Air or Fire to honor these and to offer to heal humanity or all living beings near or far leads to harmony and Oneness. Be comforted that you will not be punished if your offerings are from the heart in pure light and do not take the will of choice from other/s or cause harm. It is a heartfelt healing that occurs in your mind, your body and your soul for others of the same blessing. Become in Union with Spirit and you will be at peace, at flow and ease. Be compassionate and understanding that requires nothing but your dedication.

Peace be with you, Namaste and Thank you for Being here! Much love.


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