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Our Imprints Our Stories to Heal and Reveal

January 25, 2019 | Blue Thunder

Hello and Happy New Year 2019! I hope you are able to focus forward and be soft in the daily connections you make to the divinity and lessons around you. I wish you well in your journey. I would like to write about how we leave imprints on this earth. Our imprint impacts and is usually an emotional imprint that tells a bit of history in some area, place or room in which we dwell. Our imprint is everlasting and resonates and gives information to understand what occurred there so the unspoken can be heard...the 'forgotten' are remembered. Recently, I traveled to Thailand to many temples and learned how Buddhism was first and the Hinduism came after and both intertwined create a better understanding of each belief systems. I have the ability to touch and feel the story the ruins will tell. There were many people and much energy around me affects me. I just want time alone to hear the story a stone, statue or building wishes me to know to be released, healed and comforted. I went into one temple in Sukothai. So beautiful this space was in Thailand. I wanted alone time to hear the story of this temple. I saw back when they called the place Siam time period (King and I) and there was Grand Thuat (spelling?) and he was wearing glasses with shaved head and maroon robe over his garments. He was lecturing to comfort the prisoners dressed in like khaki color uniforms kneeling and with black bags over their head to not see around them and the hand bound behind their back to listen to their last lecture in comfort. I also saw the King and Queen of a generation in their thirties, dressed and bending before the Monk and giving their offerings and had flower garlands placed on their necks. It was a mix of sadness and celebration. It was time to go and a dog happily saw me like a old friend approaching the temple like he was waiting for me. So happy and didn't approach my daughter but came straight to me raising his paw to me as I sat and greet him as an old friend. The dog was elated and I sat near a Bodhi tree. This is typical to have near the temple and the leaves are heart-shaped. How wonderful. I received a leaf falling down in front of me. I picked it up and took it and we ran to the bus as my daughter and I were late. I asked the guide about this but he only knew of the current times and not of the ancient times as they used handkerchiefs not sacks. He did confirm that that happened to the prisoners and what they wore and the ceremony with the monk was what is done before execution. I couldn't share this with the group. Last time I went to China at Mt Tai Shan, a group member placed a stone in my hand and I saw how it was built, costumes worn,...then that had to be halted as they asked what I saw every stop. I told them I was on vacation. The next boat ride to Cambodia to the floating city. The river the rises and then lessens from one end to the other and the people have shops and homes there on the river. I was riding the boat and needed a moment to understand and asked the bench of the boat in my mind to tell me the story of this boat. I saw an old man wearing typical Cambodian clothing and straw hat. He pushed a small baby about 2 years old towards the bench on the other side. The baby had tears and the mother (It was his daughter which is typical of leaving their babies with grandparents to raise because they cannot afford.) The old man said, "I am tired (Cambodian) and cannot take care of the child as now you must take care of him." He was 70 years old and he had the right to do that. His daughter cried and took the baby. Then it was time for the guide to speak after boarding in a few minutes. I concentrated on the group boat tour. I bought Cambodian scarves and enjoyed the humility of the people. I shall never forget how fortunate we are and the blessing of the release and healing his soul and his daughter and grand-baby. It is an honor to hear stories of realness, rawness and emotional vulnerability. I am graced with this knowledge to understand, to bless, to not judge and to allow a space of healing for the Universe guides me constantly. Thank you. So you now have it. Send healing prayers of light to everyone and everywhere that imprints need healing without judgment or analyzing or enormous details. Think with compassionate hearts and we all can be existing on this planet in peace. Thank you and Namaste. Loving Light Hugs.


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