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Parenting and Letting Go!

Just remember if you raise a child from my own painful experience; that distances themselves from you and my relative pointed it out that I contributed to it. Instead of me getting upset and defensive; I took a breath and asked myself: "It is the truth or not?" I answered myself: "Yes!" and stayed with the conversation because my relative was telling the truth... and please don't do the opposite when things don't turn out right and someone tries to help by pointing out a problem they have experienced out of love and concern....

Don't respond with offense or defensiveness or run away and be dramatic not having clear calm communication or stay angry without resolve...with someone who points out your participation may have encouraged that behavior. It's not dismissing the bad behavior or saying you are a bad person or your child is a bad person; its the truth if you are calm enough to think back without drama if this person is telling you the truth and calmly agree be truthful and use it to move forward.

Time does heal and we all are imperfect trying to do our best or overboard. When we realize relationships take great communication that is honest from both of you and calmly allow each voice to be expressed or heard and ask each other open ended questions; we all free ourselves from suffering. Truth does set everyone comes from a place of love and not accusatory or disrespect; it comes from a place of peace within and with each other and our own life references to help prevent misunderstanding and suffering later.

Being real is not so bad once you keep it real. Life always journeys forward and we all will make it. Much love.


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