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Past Life Regression Expanded with Shirley Lakota Medicine Woman Preparation - 10/22/2003

Dear Ones;

You see so much of Native American in my vibration. I will expand on going through a Past Life Regression with the Lakota Medicine Woman during my Shamanic studies. Past Lives

collect gifts, karma and challenges throughout time until we are ready to clear them up. The purpose of this Past Life Regression with the Wolf Medicine Lakota Woman was to know what was the most prominent vibration and life that pertains to the energy and situation now. It is not an order but the most particular life that influences me during this time period.

I like to do Past Life progressions to understand my soul path, soul expansion and to reinforce the knowledge that just didn't come from mid air. Here's my journey:

My Dominant Power Animal - Jaguar took me to the Underworld down swiftly through a tunnel to a clearing of a grassy meadow. I sat in the silence looking for something/someone. I meditated then a Peony breed of cream colored horse asked me to ride on her. I did and she took me to a teepee. Hawk (another power animal) circles and leads me to the tee pee to indicate this is the one to go to since I am in a village filled with teepees.

I get off the horse dressed in buckskin. Before I enter: Four women come to me. One looked like the Lakota Medicine Woman standing behind me. Two other dark-haired women and one Elder one was there. You all smudge me with sage before entering. I see another Elder real time Native American who teaches Ancient Maori Crystal Healings's wife instead of receiving the name as one of the women. I ask the Elder woman again and she answers:

"Who am I? The question is who are you?" She calls me my spirit name "ButterflyChild" and gives me some herbs and I turned into a large bat and decrease in size. As I am changing size; the Elder tells me: "Go to find your answer."

I fly out of the hole at the top of the teepee where smoke is swirling out and notice the shape of the teepee is more like a wigwam (rectangular) and fly to the trees and hang upside down.

I am told by Spirit: "There you are been staying stagnant in one position too long with your head upside down til you get blood to your head - so you can work better."

I then fly back to the teepee and the Lakota Medicine Woman leading me on this past life regress is there again. There is a large cauldron and she catches me with a net and says: "Do you fear death?" She is placing me into the boiling brew to become one with the water boiled and released. She takes me out and places my boiled bat body on a stone and then she pours red flames out of a flask and I burn to ashes. I am burned with red, orange, yellow and then blue flames. She is breathing in the 'White Fire' as I do the same breathing in of the white fire as she breaths it to me. She then says: "This will help to get myself rebirthed." I proceed to a human form and she says "That is what you need to be." Unclothed and am instructed to sit in the meadow and meditate for however long as it will take. I depart the teepee to do as instructed. I sit Indian-style and she gives me only water rations as I meditate and there is a bendable wooden casing and I am instantly secured.

When Lakota Medicine Woman feels I am ready to come out of the meditation; she brings me a Cloak of Invisibility and tells me to come back into the teepee. I walk inside and she says: "Now go back to where you came from." I am still wearing the Cloak of Invisibility and go back into bat form and fly back to the teepee where the Elder woman and 3 others are and shape-shift into human form again. I show them the Cloak and then ride on my Peony horse back to the meadow and back to where I started into my earthly body again.

This was a portion of past life preparations by healing issues first and then the next journey follows in order to prepare myself for the past life regression again. I thank Lakota Medicine woman, the Elder and other two sacred women who held space for me and were part of this initial step of a past life discovery.

When I do past life regression I ask the clear intention to see what purpose and will communicate with you for clarity as intention is everything. Then I may ask you to do some things in preparation and then check your energy and then go on a past life regression with you and let you know what is discovered in real time while looking at the energy of the past life resonating with an issue or experience that needs healing. I thank you for coming to read my posts. Many thanks and blessings for your being here in open heart and open mind.



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