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Prayers for All for Peace, Indigenous Blessings and Symbols

Earlier this week; we decided to take a drive to Amicalola Falls after a relative was given a false positive of Covid and tested again after our trip to the Falls. We had started to play at the foot of the falls where many rocks were. I call these nature's altars to the Creator to do ceremonies of honoring and healing the Earth and all inhabitants. I saw many Indigenous Spirits in the woods surrounding and listened to us as my husband drummed and I played my didgeridoo. They confirmed and told me they did ceremonies on these stones and Mother Earth was the Sanctuary and worship was done there. We had walked a few minutes and stopped as we played to heal the earth and all living in and outside of Her. I played for peace, for abundance of hope, faith, healing, and oneness to know we were not alone to pray and link by energetic vibrations to cast a net of love and forgiveness. I cried tears over this looking away. A woman was videotaping me so I repeated my message when she asked me if she could post it. I was verbally saying out loud my prayer and her face went from hopelessness to a smile. Others gathered into a crowd of adults and children to listen and sit around and feel the vibrations of healing love and peace we wanted them to feel in their hearts and send it to the earth and all on it. We needed this.

Later on this week there was a need for our walk to Stone Mountain Park trails. It gave us solace during Covid and at times my husband went alone to feel the sacred silence and meditate and be inspired to create a poem, film or sculpture. As we walked; he saw two deers feeding on the earth and pointed them out to me. We heard a holy hawk call out in the distance as the turtles sunned themselves on a sunny Fall day. As we walked we saw a few people with large dogs. A few were Maori from New Zealand visiting family here in Georgia. The a woman followed them over a covered wooden bridge and she had a chin tattoo. I wore a Maori tee shirt in a design she and her sister recognized. She started to speak in a language that touched my heart…El…. And then pointed to my shirt. I felt my heart open and was emotional and my husband prompted me to share that I do healing. I told her it was the Ancient Tribal Maori Crystal Healing I was taught by a lineage keeper to one in New Zealand that taught my Elder her who taught me and sold me the set that he trained me on. She said that it was a good sign to have such a set gifted to you for your abilities. I said I wear the Maori headband when I do healings as I move aside to let the Lineage keeper come into my body to do the healings. It was a meeting sparking homesick cellular memories of the New Zealand Maori tribe. It was an unplanned but divine connection of us taking a walk through the leaf covered trails of Stone Mountain. I had just finished making East African Kukupaka curry for my family and making fresh Ellijay, Georgia apple cranberry low carb dessert ‘pies’ vegan and gluten free for us and other friends and family from our outing to Amicalola Falls Trail.

After she left and we said farewells; I felt she was a sacred messenger to remind me of my abilities and my ‘home’ which were many for my past lives and souls. This lifetime I learned from the Lineage Keeper to work with the Mother Earth energy of the whale and the lineage keeper. I was crying and knew that my work shall continue. The Lineage Keeper had the same type of tattoo on her chin as the woman pointed out that only women have this on the chin. I replied that I had watched the wedding of the Maori and the men are like warriors and the women chanting. She smiled. Her leaving made my heart ache from reminiscing about this past life. Then a Indigenous Spirit called to me and looked at him in the direction he was on my right. He said, “I am Salish.” What a blessing to see him. I was honored and for all that was with him. We hugged a tree to send the healing energies to all trees and the land. The trees told me that they communicate with the trees and land in other parts of the globe and send this healing to them already but we had joined into their own automatic unconditional love and intentions. I saluted the nature Spirits, the land, water and air and fire guardians and the faeries, elves, leprechauns, devas, nymphs, gnomes and sprites. I thanked the presence of the Primordial tribes, Ancients and Angelic Pure Light Kingdom, The Ascended Masters, Celestial Beings of Pure Light Saints and Sages of Pure Light and called the trees the “Record Keepers” and the huge spiders were the “Wisdom Keepers” that appear this time of year to my husband.

Continuing forward; we (my husband and I) came to a flat boulder and sat by the water to meditate. I had an insect like a hummingbird peep in my ears from side to side and it disappeared. I meditated the prayer again to heal all and to have peace, hope, faith, healing, compassion and unity with Oneness with compassionate resolve and thorough healing. I cried again but was relieved to add to the prayers we all want peace, blessed life of goodness and joy and healing diminishing all negativity. I wish you the same wherever you are and there are no walls, borders or fences or weapons that can separate us. We are divine and remember the paradise we came from is possible to bring upon this Earth. Heaven and Earth must exist for us to continue. Please join me in these prayers. Refuse to give into darkness and believe that peaceful, healing resolve in permanency is all our souls’ divine right walk in our temples of flesh on earth. Sending you love and hope and healing hugs in peace with truth and permanent resolve.


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