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Psychometry - What is This?

Psychometry is the ability to hold or be by an object to get the energetic information or story about it. It could be history, how it came to be where it is today or messages from the loved ones passed or deceased by holding their object or items.

It is useful to assist clients if any closure or information was missed. It is also tuning in to a healing object to understand it and 'listen' to how it shall be used in sessions. It can be a diverse way of utilizing the healing tool.

Always clear and sage yourself and the tool before any session and your client too. I will give an example, when I purchase or come across a healing tool. I then acquire it and then ask of its story especially if it was from a far away place. I allow it to 'speak' its story to understand and know that is has been 'heard.' It creates a closer bond and allows you to visit places without physical travel. Sometimes, the energy it carries is ancestral and you must access the information that has positive effects on the usage.

During my Shamanic journey to mix with other women; I used to know a woman who would love antique stores and know the history of ancient pieces of the owners and what they looked like. It was truly fascinating. Sometimes, I would use it to contact passed over loveds for messages to their living ones. Other times, I could access the energetic realm if they gave me permission and if the other living party's soul would approve. Of course, some are suspicious of a stranger. I would explain to them who sent me to converse with them with my Spirit body and they would be a little defensive but talk with boundaries and I would convey to the client about their feelings and this was the information allowed. Others would refuse speaking to me and I would honor them and leave and let the client know that even before starting the session as they have never met me and it is natural not to talk to strangers about private matters and I respect that. Never force anything on the living or dead.

During my travels I could feel or touch the old buildings and get some story of a scene the needed healing or needed to be told and healed by that simple act of listening without judgment. In Thailand, there was an ancient temple in Sukkothai where both my daughter an I wanted to check out before getting on the bus. As I walked to the temple, a very friendly dog as if smiling at me like an old friend wagged it's tail and kept following me as if awaiting my arrival. My daughter said, "That dog is approaching you like he knows you like an old friend. Never saw that before. After that friendly greeting to the site; she said, "Touch it and see what it tells you." By this time in her young adult life; she had learned a lot from me and knew my abilities. So I began to walk and touch the stones of the temple. I saw this scene of prisoners with black hoods and their hands tied behind their back. There was a monk with glasses and shaved head but seemed to be a head monk saying things to convert and try to raise their spiritual vibrations. They were to be executed and their last day. It was not a happy or pleasant revelation but when you are on tour; you are given the happy and rosy information. I prayed as I sat near a Bodhi Tree with heart-shaped leaves to thank them for their stories and their souls healing and forgiveness and then the dog with happy face wagged it's tail and wanted me to touch it. It was time to leave for the bus and we ran like crazy as it was about to leave us. There were times the King and Queen visited with flower necklaces from the monk to them blessings and to give their blessing on the temple they visited.

It was a blessing to assist in healing that day. I revealed that to the guide; and he confirmed that they use blindfolds on the prisoners that are black and a shooting squad is usually used. He was shocked I told him what I saw and he kept quiet silent reflection for a few minutes to reflect about the unpleasantries that exist in all places all time period and cultures/history that needed healing. If left alone enough I can see that things develop.

In China, we went to a sacred holy mountain Mt. Tai Shan where lovers put their locks of commitment to each others on the rails and prayed for blessings. I then was given time to pick up a stone; I picked it up as it pulled me to it. I was shown the original building of the holy sites of dirt buckets and the laborers with rolled up pants and Asian straw hats hauling dirt up and down and how the Emperor would love to come especially the Empress in her bed carried by men that had red and gold umbrella like top and curtains surrounding her only to be opened when she wished to reveal her presence to the people and she loved tea ceremony. It was to understand how the Mountain came to be this sacred place. I gave thanks and went back to the tour bus. My guide was waiting for us and a group of ladies followed me and they were curious why I stopped holding a stone nodding my head. I told them about psychometry and the history I got for a few minutes on my own. I shouldn't have told them because they talked out loud to our guide and he kept asking every stop which things I saw or felt. He was into Feng Shui and did a reading as to when number of siblings and their location on earth and knew a lot about them and this was on my husband and he read that his father was passed over the water which is true as he left from France after fleeing from Idi Amin's rule in East Africa to USA and died. It was Feng Shui we never knew of. He said there are many schools of thought of Feng Shui here. Not just making energy flow with things in the house as we told him that was what we knew Feng Shui in USA to be with our limited knowledge.

Well, that's my story and travel is our love. But remember sometimes, we are drawn to a place where we've been before or to understand a soul that reincarnates returns for healing or for another to understand the healing service for them from you as a healer. It is a blessing to share this information with you. Namaste, Peace to you and Much love.


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