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Re-Connection to Divinity with Water's Flow & the Elements 1/26/2021

It was time for re-connection to our Divinity. During Covid-19, our energy was affected by external energies of people and situations this 2020. It was time to shed these energies and be by one with ourselves. In my cocoon as my daughter says. I go there often to self transform, and rebirth myself. Let us self-transform in our own cocoons.

While we see a sunny day at the beach. It beckons us into meditation on the beach; let us sit in between the waves coming in and out on the sand. We smell the salty scent of the ocean breezes. They are caressing us kindly with love and send love back with every breath. As we do this exercise; our minds take us to any place sacred in nature you and I call a sanctuary. Sanctuary is a space called 'home' to our soul, it revives our bodies and releases our minds of the 'noise' of everyday life. We need this badly. Come with me.

Allow yourself to relax every muscle with every breath sitting in upright position. You feel the temperature of the water and it feels as if you are in a great Womb. Mother Earth's Womb is holding you steady as you ground and connect with the imaginary tree trunk and see with your mind's eye the roots connecting like Mother Earth's hands reaching as the roots grow hands reaching and holding each other steady. As the water flow; you hear it and feel it; there is a gentle rhythm of it's own as the toxins or the old self, the ego and other people's energies being pulled out gently and away and it returns to cleanse me and you with the rhythm. Both your heart beat & mine are now relaxed and feel the surrender of self to the elements caressing us tenderly.

We are a welcomed child rebirthed again and so grateful. You feel the water wave sweep your hands upright off of your knees open to the lesson of renewal. Feel it push the arms off our knees in quiet surrender without fear or doubt or any thoughts of just being present at the moment. The gift experienced is calm and our arms float back and forth in gentle motions of the waves. The body is moving with the waves and the energy like a pendulum and then turns into a Mer Ka Ba motion of two pyramids turning in the gender it was made creating a spinning motion of cleansing. We are blessed to feel the sacred mysteries presented in simplicity. Grateful and just breath and relax and align with all the flow of nature. The water is a blessing and the air a lesson of flow and allowance.

How long has it been? Too long to allow this quiet surrender and flow. Everything is made with Divinity. I and you are Divinity and thank the elements for taking me back to mine.

I am eternally grateful for these blessings to experience this as I share this with you. I hope that you are at peace, calm and understand you can revisit your Divinity if you surrender from your own internal and external storms either man made emotionally or physically. Remember all is an illusion. All is temporary because you are Divine.

I share this with you to know this once again. Please breath and allow the peace within you and your releases to evolve you back to your Sacred Center. I am blessed to have you here with me today and always. I wish you so much peace and love.

Stay on the path of peace, truth and harmony. This is a powerful time to dedicate yourself to this but starting with you first. Much tender loving Light, Sun, Wind, Water and Earthly Hugs to You. Namaste, Peace to you and Thank you for Being here!

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