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Reiki Level I and Emergency Healing 7/2/2022

Today my students of Reiki I did work on me after teaching them emergency healing technique for a dying man. I needed some work done on me. They readily and lovingly did the work.

I was getting work done on me after the Emergency Healing Session of the 99 year old man; and saw myself as a white buffalo in the plains and my head was so massive and swaying back and forth. The ground felt like thunder vibrations from my hoofs. I then turned into my male shaman back in Canada & sat up right without my physical eyes viewing anything and began to cry weeping with grief feeling the responsibility over the loss of lives of my tribe and another. I married to create peace and had to let that go. I sat up suddenly and spoke in my Native tongue and spoke how it was my fault. I then laid back down to get the Spirit Message that peace doesn’t come from me for others. It is from them and in between each other. It was not my responsibility to take it on and free myself. I acknowledge this as I recalled the reins and chains and ropes of these around my loved ones about this theory and constantly challenged with this thought it was imposing and I had to stop with my life stuff and issues of guilt and let go and dissolve these so others in kind would not respond to my thoughts of this responsibility. I must see peace as the work for oneself as their own choice and responsibility even for those I love. It will change and it will in time be a reward of the White Buffalo medicine. The young man said I was the White Buffalo I said would appear at my first sweat lodge May 28, 2022 with Tom Bluewolf that was a memorial for a Butterfly Warrioress. I then told them this is why I do not have many people work on me.

I was in the most loving and accepting space in a long time. It was the work of synchronicity!

I have a family in need of last rites and reviewed the process and funeral preparations of a dying man who is 99 years old and always smiles at me. He calls me a little girl compared to his age. I laugh with him. I am writing the process o