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Removal of Darkness and Into the Light Prayer

I invite you all to say a prayer for the cleansing of darkness in mind viruses, mind control, unhealthy ties and cords to those who have chosen to survive by manipulation from trauma to control their environment to the point they cause karma and harm to those they love and care for. I invite you to ask the Highest Powers of Pure Light to surround you and cleanse your mind, your body and spirit of any illusions of sickness, pain or depression, the rings of the pure light angels to guard you. I ask the Holy Holy Holy Seraphims of Light to send their Temple Guardians once cleanse to surround you, your path, your home, your vehicles, your passions and all you love and your Heart. I ask the White Knight of the Brotherhood who hold the shields of White Gold with embossed roses grounded to stand in the four directions around you. I ask the Holy Spirit to bathe every cell and create an impenetrable shield of light around you even above your head and below your feet. I ask the Light and your Guardian Angels who have been bathed in this light blessing to do their service well and with gratitude. I ask the Ascended Masters of Compassion and Alchemy with the Light to descended here on all and that we are all healed mind, body, spirit and astrally. That the demons that come while we sleep or during the day when we feel hopeless to think why why and then see that is not you but a servant of the dark misguided but feel no regret or sorrow for them. They have allowed the dark and made deals to survive and be falsely safe and illusion and given over their allegiance to the Dark. Be gone be gone be gone. Do not come back. I ask you light a 7 day pure white candle for yourselves, your loved ones, your friends, for your home to smudge with holy herbs frankincense and myrrh and asafetida to burn and cleanse and hyssop or blue sage or dragon blood sage and sweet grass to call the Temple White Light Dragon that serve the Highest Creator to guard us and chase away constant affliction 24/7 no matter if we are asleep or unaware to be on guard and thankfully pray they are blessed with the gratitude of Pure Light work they serve well. May Heaven be on Earth and we walk, breathe, speak, see & think and talk this way from now on. I bow before the Universe and Father Mother God for this cleansing, guardianship and healing maintained in the light and with joy to enjoy and live life the fullest and bless those who have passed that they are at peace and comfort a friend to all grieving. There will be no grieving the darkness removed. It will try to use those you love and entrap them when they are unaware and be relentless from survival modes that do not exist. This mental sickness be gone and filled with the truth to get and be divinely guided back to perfect health in the Light or Pure Love from Now and Forever. Amen.

Grafic designed by Ronsa06 or Ronald Sandino in CR. Tysm


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