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Seat of Power - Working with the Mer Ka Ba (sacred geometry)

Seat of Power - Working with the Mer Ka Ba June 27, 2019 | Blue Thunder

Hello Lovely Earthdwellers!

This storytelling episode is for Sacred Geometry lovers and advanced meditators. It is detailed in preparation and essential and the the use of two 3 pointed and sided pyramids. If you are not attuned or interested. Please kindly skip this meditation and enjoy other’s I have posted or published. Thank you for your support.

This storytelling sound heal was amazing to service you with. It was visiting your Seat of Power. Have you felt unseen, unheard, dismissed and undervalued? Have you believed the unempowered false labels of who you are? Do you believe this to the point you feel powerless? You are Divine and it is your Sacred Right to believe you are all powerful. Power is not degrading, no ego or judgment as in acceptance of all you are and standing in your TRUTH.

We review the pyramid shapes before starting. First identify the gender you strongest identify between female and male. Please see a three corner pyramid a little below the navel (flat base of pyramid) and the top to the sky with edges facing east and west and north and south. The top of the pyramid points to the sky.

For male gender: Then picture a pyramid above the navel turned downwards with its flat sides facing east and west, etc. See these first. Then turn the top pyramid to turn right at 90 degree angle for female in front of the midline of the body and then the bottom picture a three corner pyramid with flat base crossing over the navel with the point of it points towards the earth.

The male gender you identify with is the top pointed downwards to the earth. Then male only turns the bottom 90 degree angle in front of the midline of body. So the only clarification is the female move 90% only and leaves the bottom alone with flat portion of downward pyramid facing front of female body. The male moves only the bottom of their pyramid. It is important you see these in your image and practice a few times these images before proceeding. It may take a few days to do this and just meditate when you have the 90% set up so it sticks in your mind.

The next step when this images are solid and 90 degree angles; is Ideally, when you see this the top pyramid for both sexes start to spin slowly and feel the motion to the right and the bottom spin at same time feeling the spin motion to the left. In time, and they spin at the same time in the opposite directions. This is the Mer Ka Ba, when looking down at either male or female pyramids of the top and bottom forms a 6 pointed star we called the “Mer Ka Ba” Sacred geometry and changes the consciousness to higher vibration and you release and cleanse in the portal both pyramids for a polar light N-S-E-W and a whit like cross to clear you. When this happens you feel a clarity and clearness and calm breath very gently to yourself.


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