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Seeing Yourself as Beautiful

Beautifuls! Meditation 9/12/18 - "Seeing Yourself as Beautiful!"

In this meditation, we journeyed to a cave of serenity and stillness. It was a familiar cave we visited when we needed our self care. As we entered the cave, we saw it was a living cave with water dripping from stalactites and small little waters traveling throughout.

We walked into the moist cave into the depths of a chamber. We were to visit the Japanese Shinto Goddess Amaterasu (Sun Goddess).

Her story is that she doubted her beauty when her sibling brother the Sky God decided to tell her she was ugly teasing her...She went into this cave to not show herself but the Gods/Goddesses put a mirror outside to draw her out.

There was a Japanese Goddess called Uzume who was a contortionist and made outlandish poses and enactments whose gift to teach the lesson of laughter to draw her out Of the cave as the Gods/Goddesses laughed being entertained by Uzume; then Amaterasu’s curiosity brought her out to where the mirror was. She saw how beautiful she was and she returned to her domain as Sun Goddess.

The cave you entered is the same one Amaterasu hid but discovered she was beautiful for your journey where the Goddess Amaterasu was awaiting your arrival,

The Sun Goddess radiated golden compassionate light the light the chamber for you to see. She wrapped you like a cocoon in golden compassionate light and you felt it in your heart.

She gave you a mirror to take with you in the cocoon of compassion warm loving light and asked you to look into the mirror with your eyes and say "You are beautiful to your eyes." She asked to to say this to every part looking at the mirror that was unloved or labelled by others as not beautiful and say to each that it was beautiful.

As you breathed in gently from grounding you sent compassionate light to each part you saw as beautiful and you felt compassion and you felt entirely beautiful.

You relaxed and melted into Mother Earth your muscles, mind and body and you breath, see, feel and are beautiful.

As I played the bowls and sound bath instruments; you thanked Amaterasu for her lesson and she instructed you to leave the cocoon around your sacred body feeling beautiful and take it back to your earthly body to feel beautiful and walk your path knowing you are imperfect and you didn't need to be perfect as it is a the Divine Plan and vow not to allow others to dictate your beauty.

You exit the cave and into a butterfly garden - the symbol of self-transformation that you hadn't noticed til after your meditation. Walk in your Beauty and you grounded and awoken to your Sacred Self again. Thank you, Peace to you walking in your Beauty knowing your imperfections are loved and unique. Yes, you are beautiful. Walk it and talk it!

Much much Loving Light Hugs!

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