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Signs from Above by Blue Thunder Healing

Have you ever seen a number in triplicate or fours over and over again either in time, on a license plate or a number announced by random stranger on the radio? Have you felt that your prayers are listened to by your Pure Light Helpers and felt a connection or heard a voice or voices announce their presence in Pure Light to assist you? If you are uncertain, please ask if they come in pure light or feel of the light. Appearances are tricky but the Pure Light will have no hesitation to answer "Yes." We have a spiritual entourage with us at all times to get up and be the Divinity and almighty right to exist and participate in the global theatre we call Earth. Our soul is expanding and we just have to believe we make a difference, our voice is important, our vote, our participation and responsibility to own up to things we contribute to by not taking a stand without violence, with education, dialogue to regain a harmony with each other.

The High Priest from the (Bible) Book of Samuel appeared to me named "Eli." He was a High Priest and Israelite and mentored and raised Samuel. Samuel heard things from God and Eli helped to guide him. It is unfortunate the Eli's sons were not of purity and compassion and this was their own downfall to their family. He announced his presence and told me he had to real with me. (This is the way I talk and chuckle because Divinity knows your 'language' you use for yourself and to others). So he told me as I was trying to detox my body to get real and no more caffeine items and sugar, dairy, and soy with gluten items if I wanted to heal. I agreed. I am tested as my Lover/Husband makes me a cafecito every morning taking a sip and then throwing down the drain. He just can't make it for one. I let my Love know of Eli's visitation and Ascended Master Jesus agreed and Eli helped me weigh a struggle with past life connection healing is done and that some folks don't have good intentions because they don't love themselves to be honest, vulnerable and heal and just see it from dark and light. You may love a person to assist in their healing but you and the other are not committed for life. If it is clear, their intentions are just carnal and or survival mode; you don't need to respond in kind in the same energy and become lost in this and be honest. Catch yourself; have you given over to someone with unconditional love in pure intentions of commitment of best self and hoping for the best? Have you been frustrated and try harder with good intent maybe they will sway? If they clearly haven't changed to a light intention with self healing; clearly they do not want to change no matter how much you flash the Light on them; it