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Signs of Transformation Again 2/28/23 (Arizona)

Today was a great day recuperating from a stomach virus. It was near 63 F degrees (Fahrenheit) and decided to give myself some time to soak in the Arizonan sun with natural Vitamin D. I walked the full round for Purple Heart Park and then sat on a bench looking at the desert plant, the sky and Father Sun. It was a beautiful day with a slight breeze.

I was awakened from a dream of transformation of myself tattooing myself with filigree and tendril designs everywhere. An Asian woman was in the dream communicating to me via phone asking me where the tattoos were and focused mostly on my trunk and legs and arms that moved me into believing it was the effort and strength and this journey was worth it all for my own transformation. The tendril and filigree is a symbol of the elements of Fire, Air and Earth needed for creation. This was a symbol and assurance that through my difficult emotional and physical journeys and changes in my life; that transformation was needed and in divine timing. Sometimes, we have to remove ourselves from others and spaces that interfere with our own ability to think for ourselves and not feel imposed upon to function for others when in the end I needed my space and time without my old patterns for worrying about others first. I needed to transform and no old energies whether it be people, places or things. My face had ancient symbols tattooed on and had red painted ones of the ancient Native signs of Thunder. A sacred symbol of truth. Then the tendril develops when a plant needs support as it grows further out and has the tendrils a curly cue type shape that teaches me that in order to have a tendril that you must have your roots firmly grounded and flourishing from the elements (air, fire, water and earth) to be present. Once we are selective of our space or can transform our space; we can maintain ourselves on a constant vigilant basis; we can grow. As I said, growth is a focused intention and trust that the Universe has your back even if you are not quite certain but have the faith.

When I looked up on the way to the park; I saw a large Raven facing me. It reminded me of the Pasqua Yaqui Shaman who did a healing on me named “WindRaven.” It was nice to see this Raven of symbolism and messenger, a sentinel taking in its environment to understand knowledge of the magic within and prophecy and trusting our self intuition. As I sat in the sun giving thanks meditating on being and not doing. It was the nothingness I had to be or do, no titles, no roles and no attachment to fulfilling for others that freed me. I was free all along. I remember going home after attending a sweatlodge with Tom BlueWolf with my estranged daughter and her telling me when I said that; that: “You have always been free Mama.” I wished the same for her now.

It felt great to drive around doing errands and I was returning back home. A spiritual sign of the roadrunner crossing the road reminded me of the medicine of the roadrunner that symbolizes Earth, Air and Fire needed for creation. A good omen if the roadrunner runs from left to right and known for its stamina and nimbleness and ability to trick their enemies with ‘moxie’ as their footsteps appear as criss cross patterns to confuse their hunters which way they are going to or from and which direction. To understand how to utilize our inner knowing wisdom, how to think fast when needed and appreciate the ability to ask how vague we are on our path and gain clarity to choose a certain direction to thrive and grow. Immediately, following this sighting; I saw two coyotes as I was going on the right side of the road. One crossed and parted and the other stayed on the other side and it was a message to appreciate each of our paths both my husband and my childrens to honor as we were capable of succeeding and thriving. The coyote is a trickster and great teacher to question ourselves and reflect how we need to be not so serious and playful and yet an inflexion is needed. How to think outside the pack mentality of what is a pack. It is not always physically being together but knowing and trusting our own time apart to learn, heal and grow are necessary so we are truthfully whole again and come together some time and some way in trust and flow of the abundance of divine timing.

I am happy to share my journey with you. We all grow and we tend to focus on helping others and forget about processing inside of us. We must revisit our lessons for ourselves and others and repeat them to see the role we play can be the one really experiencing this in real life and earth time. It is an honor to journey with you all and best wishes on forever growing and glowing in the Light and Trust of Transformation. With much Gratitude and Loving Light Hugs for stopping by to read this blog.


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