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The Use of Laughter and Your Life's Quilt

Wednesday 12/6/2017 final for 2017 meditation at Healium:

I talked about how happiness cannot be given to you and it's a choice you make to be happy in your life. I said, we are divine, sacred and deserving of all the goodness in our lives.

Our lives are like a quilt of pieces of our lives...our challenges and triumphs and laughter and celebration. Yes, we have fallen and yes we have celebrated. We sew together these pieces with love and faith.

As you breathed in to Mother Earth all your stress, defeats, worries and other peoples into your rooted trunk like a Sacred tree grounded and sat in front of an ocean where the sun was shining, the smell of sea salt in the air and your body breathed like a pendulum of peace into your lungs and body and wrapped around you as you spine settled even more to this moment of gifting yourself peace.

You felt it with every breath taken in through your nose and breathed out any releases with your mouth. It was sacred to witness as we are one with the earth and the water and the fire of Spirit..our emotions are the water and the air the lightness and joy in our heart I thought to myself. It was an honor.

I then asked them to see the empty spots on their life's quilt to manifest for 2018 any joy and laughter as you recalled first the innocence and open heart and childlike laughter when you were one told to you be ashamed to laugh or it was wrong to laugh or be judgment and your eyes and heart were open to the positive possibilities of life...with these eyes and heart you manifested in spirit and mind what 2018 joyous celebrations would be in laughter and I played the bowls and other sound healing tools.

I was so honored for new and familiar faces and the fact my Love's siblings and in law made it out and enjoyed themselves. I shall never forget this day and the childlike fun and the tears of gratitude for the year end I cried at home and the Love as he started to give thanks for your existence and aliveness and help at Healium Center. It has been so many experiences that brought us to the now. It was funny how the "We Matter" Video with John Stringer singing his song for us and allowance to pass this spiritual message to all on FB and youtube for Healium . One of the lines says quilt in it...I laughed inside my heart...and

we are grateful for every performer and the Sitar player and good times. I love you and see you Feb...OGs and all...I think onesies make us more real...LOL. Peace, Namaste and Thank you so much! My Husband Jim Healium and my daughter Haseena Peera what a year. Thank you.


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