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This Super Moon 8/1/2023 by Blue Thunder

Hello Moon Observers;

Since the beginning of time we have watched the Moon and her cycles and the Sun as well to understand omens, living in our communities, when to plant, when to harvest and when to release, purify and renew ourselves and claiming our own sacred power from all the the spiritual work and physical life on our planet.

This Moon is a special one like all others. It is a time when those in tune may seem very erratic, you need to breathe, be in stillness near a tree or water for your emotions and imagine that the water takes all you have into it and carries it away. It is like the storytelling podcast I recorded with my Daughter to Meet the Sacred Being called the ‘Deva’ in India. A benevolent being encourages you to immerse yourselves in the water at this time, under a waterfall, in a pool, tub or river or ocean and just float and imagine all that is not needed to be fully present and whole is washed away. Listen to the podcast blog and it should help you.

This sacred time the Moon’s energy is helping you to release and extract unhealthy habits of eating, living and being amongst fellow Earthdwellers here and see the unhealthy ways we have created to make our food, clothing, homes and work that are toxic to Mother Earth, the ether and the Cosmos. It is important we take the time to write down what to release, what is not yours to hold on as it is not a treasure of your Spirit to keep this and let it go. No matter what it is, just recognize it, announce it and then let it go. Then take the time what we wish to gain in Pure Light with your Heart energy…You are your heart energy that validates you and sees best in truth. Truth the focus inside your heart will lead us to sacred self and sacred healing and relationships within and without ourselves.

Doing a sacred ceremony to release this energy and karmic ties or unhealthy ties is chanting, breathing, singing, emotions will surface and keep breathing …..have the faith that your vulnerability is sacred and emotions are sacred releases and celebrations at times of your challenges and bliss in life. Life is like a symphony, all parts different but accepting each beauty of each instrument and then coordinating together make beautiful music. The conductor is in the place to remind us; the parts we contribute have a timing and so does the music and rhythm of life. It is so beautiful to hear expressions of healing notes and sounds but remember each sound has a space in between…that announces the mood, emotion and tells a story that can touch our heart. Not all songs resonate but do not reject that as it is your preference. Sometimes, the ego makes us judge and say: “That is not good!” To whom do you dictate what is good if it helps one to release, to laugh, to dance and be at peace? We must recognize the Moon at this sacred time is like the Conductor…you are all equally valued, seen, Heard and loved and create beauty in whatever is conveyed. We cannot ignore our dark periods in life because it helps us appreciate the light periods in our life.

Having gratitude for our journeys thus far and creating a relationship to ourselves is important to grow and transform each time when the Moon or Sun announces a lesson in its own cycles. Like a rainstorm as well announces and conveys a story…but in the end…every storm ends and in what is left is peace, purification and renewal and encouraged growth.

Be one with yourself, give yourself sacred bath with herbs, aromatherapy, candles and crystals and cleanse all healing tools with light, sage or sacred herbs and know this…when we focus on this energy the Moon teaches us we are conveying recognition we are able to change, grow and appreciate the letting go of the past, the old habits and create a better system of self love, acceptance with each other. Stop judging and focus on your first to heal and you will be in a better relationship with the world. Giving such grace for this message and remember; I too am hoping to release and help assist as I will share raw realizations of what subjects are ignored, that are hoping go away…but that doesn’t help us grow. Difficult relationships is a time to withdraw with respect and stop harping on the past and disagreements of self, with each other and start being better and loving and healing ourselves first and then when ready, take the time to see each other are all on a journey. We may think we understand each other but not in the way of constant hate, constant fueling of the dark moods and emotions because it will expand the toxicity within and you will never be able to heal yourself and look to ways of healing yourself if you are myopic and looking through a tunnel or telescope ignoring what is all around you. Meditate in this mode: Accept all the noise, all the sounds in a nature or public area that you are not intruding in their own activities and be the quiet observer and breathe closing your eyes and say to self: “I accept all the sounds of nature, the voices and music, the car engine, sirens and all the sounds of animals or insects…it is a sacred thing and discipline of self accepting saying silently to self…I acknowledge this environment and all that is presented to me today and keep saying this…sitting inside your heart, putting your hand on your heart accepting all things and your surroundings and sinking deeper into your connection to Mother Earth, the Moon and all the Natural Teachers around us. We are impermanent and we all will come and go and transform from this realm to the next with this exercise of easing into self with the environment…no matter what it is. Send love to self, send love to all the sounds and you will see everything with loving eyes. You will be Compassion with Non Attachment. You are most sacred when you are in this state of self empowering bliss. This is a blessing to share with you. Much much blissful blessings in your journey back to self with the releases, the love and acceptance that we are energy always expanding and transforming and living lessons. My love to you…I SEE YOU, I LOVE YOU and I HEAR YOU and most importantly I RECOGNIZE YOU & VALUE YOU. Amen, Namaste and Aho and Much much much love


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