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Toxic Emotion and Choosing Your Divinity

February 26, 2019 | Blue Thunder

Toxic emotions are the opportunity to release these by returning back to your Divinity...your Sacredness and recognizing that in you as in others. The power of forgiveness is letting go of the toxicity that changes with self love, self truth and self power without ego. We all have these opportunities in our lifetimes and challenged in a society that worships normalcy, safe, staying in the box and lines, being youthful or falling into the trap of conditions to be accepted, to be loved, to be accepted and to be valued. However, we the warriors risk this with our truth. We cannot be anything else but ourselves. Sure we feel anxious and question ourselves and then realize there's no question in being real. I have had experiences in both sides of the spectrum and ask myself if this is self empower or destructive to me or to the person I have focused negative emotions to. I had witnessed others knock someone down behind their back in hopes they are received in highest accord with me than the other. I cannot play this game of who is bad or good or who is deserving the love. Love is God/Goddess and she/he does not choose but loves all of us earthly children/dwellers. We are teaching each other all the time, every day what to aspire or what not to be. I have hoped in my darkness; I have not harmed anyone as the same to the other soul walking this earth like me. We are here temporarily and might as well fill our lives with love...that's powerful in itself. It's not what you do, your title, your religion, your spiritual, your this or that as it is your Energetic Vibration draws in more Light or Dark. You choose. Much Love, Much Light Wisdom Wishes and Much Inner and Outer Peace my Loves.


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