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Transformation with the Feminine Deities with Light & Love

It is 9/20/2004, I was visiting a dear friend who owned his own sanctuary. Mother Mary stands & sits across from me at times I visit this sanctuary. She asked that I put my hands out palms up while she looked deeply into my eyes and placed her hands there. My Spirit Guides, Power Animals, Allies and Angels were surrounding me.

We were to do a meditation after a story of Buddha. Buddha has instructed a follower to go to a stream and get him clear water but debris was in it. Our mind was like the stream in which we had to clear our debris. I cleared and saw much debris and the Creator at the End of the Stream as Light.

My streams joined the stream and other's streams meditating that day joined into a larger stream. I saw a dead person like those given int the river after they die in India (Ganges River) Then I saw all the Universes' streams join in this great stream. They were balls of light flowing into the Light which those in attendance and the Universe.

The Goddess Lakshmi (Goddess of Abundance) giving lotus flowers to all of us... She placed the man sitting on top of a lotus flower and put one on his head (the owner of the sanctuary). She then showed me myself looking upon all others in a golden pyramid while the streams were being cleared of others and myself. Other goddesses in numbers appeared as too many to name since there we many of us not from the same path.

Then I was transported to another space and time in a Roman area with Gladiators and Lions. Lakshmi said "Don't worry. Watch me as she said she would show me what transformation was." Any weapons could not even touch her but were turned into roses. She raised her hands as the Lions approached and they calmed. She then had me do the same and I raised my hand up to the Lions ready to attack but they too became gentle kittens and liked me. She said, "This is transformation."

Then I saw more roses falling from past traumatic or negative experienced form past lives and placed them in the large roses and left only the loving soul progressive energy was left behind.

The Lesson:

This concludes my journey of joint Oneness in transforming from negative into positives with love and no fear in peace. I hope you enjoyed this lesson.


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