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Travels to Tunisia and Past Life Experience of the Most Unlikely

Dear Beloveds;

I wish to share a travel experience when our family traveled to Tunisia. They speak Arabic and French and are more Western than most Middle Eastern countries. It was a beautiful place with historic places, souqs and flea markets similar to Egypt. It was a exotic aroma from the spices displayed in canisters and bags and the aroma of exotic body oils at some shops off the streets. There were different items like exotic knives that were very ornate. I had been studying Shamanism and the symbols of Feminine and Masculine. I had Feminine representations but didn’t have any Male representations. It was a beautiful curved knife with an amber handle and ornate coral and other stones. It was not a sword and was beautiful. We were at the flea market and my daughter was 13 and they were staring at her. They teased us about giving the knife to us if we handed over our daughter. I said, “No.”

We went to different sites in Tunisia and like I said, surprisingly the most unlikely places to find this symbol a Male for my healing work. No I do not kill things or people with these or cut or harm. It is a balance of the Feminine and Masculine needed. It was also a surprise reminder of a past life that I will write in detail further on this blog.

We met a taxi driver and it was when the older Bush was President. We went to different forts and took a Gate 1 Tour. Our guide spoke 5 languages and we went to a Berber village where the people had built inside caves their homes passed down by their ancestors. They had flat bread, olive oil and rose or mint teas served. It was quite interesting and we then went to a village where the real movie “Star Wars” was made. The very first one and it was a true village of people living there and clay molded and domed roofs were and all painted white. It was one restaurant where we ate typical Tunisian foods and where the movie had the bar scene with many types of Extraterrestrials mingling in peace. It was fantastic and the couscous (semolina wheat flour) was served with garlic stew type goodness.

We then went to a nice hotel and were given Old Tunisian gowns (gabeli) and headdresses to protect ourselves from the Sarahan Sun and camel ride. It was a photo op and the guides to each camel guided you along the way. I felt the energy. I wore rose oil that day. I was told by one of the guides to sit on the pure white camel as it was kneeling on the ground. All of a sudden I felt a presence near my ear and it took a deep breath smelling my rose oil upon my neck. I didn’t move and looked sideways to see it was the camel. The guide told us that camels love flower fragrances. There was a young boy in the group and this was the calmest camel …a female and they asked if I could let the little boy have it. I agreed.

As we rode the camels on the Saharan Desert I could feel the energy of the camel and sent Reiki to it. It stayed still and then the guide had to verbally tell the camel to move. It was a lovely ride and a memory flooded over me about this but still wasn’t detailed enough. I had the patience of another life in Israel with a Caravan and community and awaited the message in divine timing on another blog.

Later we went to a Tunisian Cultural Center/Zoo for a tribal dinner and dancing. It was the most unlikely thing to happen because the tribe was Zulu and they did drumming and dancing for us. Very lively but I felt at home again. Here I go again….Haha! My Past Life I was taken from the East African Chief father to be sold to the slave ships as they lied to him about the treatment and what I would be doing. It was a time they used muskets. They raped me and by that time it was night time on the ship. I would rather die than live continually this kind of life and be treated as an animal. I jumped overboard and the men's voices sounded alerted and muskets or pistols were drawn to shoot in my direction.

I, luckily, was not harmed but floated for a few days with parched lips to a land unfamiliar to me. It was a tribe of the Zulu. They saw the chains on my wrists and talked to do away with me as she would bring a bad omen to the tribe. Instead, they kept me and freed me. I lived like a Zulu woman and had an elder woman be my mentor and friend. I was happy and free and bore a child. It was not long after; the omen came true. The Slaveship came to their land and were trying to take slaves. I gave the baby to the elder woman who I thought would not be touched or harm my baby. I was still young and then I told myself: “I would rather die; then be treated as property.” I was warned by the man with a musket to stop and turn around. I didn’t listen and continued away from the slave trader. He warned me several times as chaos around me broke out. I heard and felt a shot in my back that killed me. My soul floated back to Heaven upon a stairway to heaven. Then I was there at the event again in Tunisia. My husband and kids drummed at their tables and they had us do some line dance. The Zulu women danced and it was truly invigorating and amazingly like home. After a while, they asked for volunteers to dance. I got up and we danced, again they did moves I copied and it was like we were sisters staring and moving together. It was as if the Zulu woman dancer told the fellow Zulu woman dancer: “Look at this one and how she moves with us.” I laughed and smiled and could dance forever but they grew tired after performing for us. I thanked the tribe for their drums, music and being able to dance with my Sisters again.

After this we went back to our hotel to do some parasailing. It was done 2 by 2. My son and daughter and my husband and I. My husband was afraid of heights and I talked to him about how it may be very calm floating like a bird. He relaxed at the thought and we did float. It was truly an amazing feeling like a free spirit in the skies.

I share this with you to inspire you to travel. It may not be for spiritual reasons and it may just to be more expansive about other people’s culture, traditions, foods, clothing and ceremonies and belief systems and how to embrace them by participating and listening and enjoy the experience of learning how to live outside of your own box and make the walls expand because as I was talking to a young man quoting the Bible by heart that “God has no box.” I hope this inspires you as well as myself to be outside the box. Travel and enjoy and expand your life view. It’s worth it and you are worth it. Evolve.


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