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Underworld Shadowwork with Minerva 5/5/23

I am in Sedona for a Shaman Workshop with 8 Shamans starting today. I was to hike another vortex but I had inner work to do instead.

My power animal the Groundhog was to come with me and Jaguar and Bear guarded my earthly body. My Sacred body shape-shifted into my power animal - Temple Dragon (Guardian of the Treasures of Earth). I flew in flames of fire into my Underworld domain inside a dormant volcano and landed transformed back into human form. I walked towards Lord Ayahuasca who appears skeletal in a scarlet cape for permission to enter and gave him ‘light’ and turquoise stone beaded bracelet as an offering from this desert means blessings. He said my visit was overdue. I then lit light to Skullman who crossed the souls over the River Styx to their final destination. He was weary and I gave him a large flat stone piece of turquoise necklace. I hugged each one.

Then I walked to a Cauldron filled with water, herbs and aromatherapy oils being warmed. It was a healing Elixir from the Etruscan Goddess of War, arts and healing - Minerva. It was time for my spirit rebirth to heal.

Before getting in Skullman said as I got emotional again that I have had a lot of deaths, rebirths and arisen many times spiritually, mentally and emotionally.

I disrobed and entered the Cauldron that felt like a womb and put my head under for my mental and third eye healing. It felt like home. After a while I arose out of the Cauldron to see Minerva. She had dark wavy long hair and olive skin and dark pierced eyes seeing into me. She wore a black Greek gauze dress with gold vertical accents and a helmet. Her helmet garnished with Owl, she told me to come out and there was a lush white terry towel to dry off but she said, “Be soft patting your skin. Be soft and don't let your anger turn to hate. Do not be bitter like the Buddha quote.

Minerva told me it was time to release my old thoughts and patterns of belief that you hold yourself back from. You must unlearn and relearn. Don’t down talk yourself”

I dressed in the same Greek gauze dress and my helmet had metal owl wings instead of horns. I had a chestplate of metal formed like my Dragon’s tail. She handed me a spear, Minerva continued with the lesson saying: “The spear points to where you focus but take time to hesitate and breath and think over without haste. The helmet was healing my brain, third eye and she placed pyrite stones in triangular movement patterns on my third eye, belly button and heart to repel negativity in and and out.

I kneeled to respect the Goddess who is the Goddess of Beliefs. Then Aphrodite the Goddess of Love can in like wind chimes and lutes and showered me with golden compassionate butterflies that covered me in gentle transformation. I was grateful and gifted her Fibonacci sacred geometry shell and spiral gold necklace and Minerva gifted an ornate gem decorated goblet and she blew in it the Flames of Transformation that were gold indigo blue and told me to drink it and did! It soaked in me.

Then Aphrodite went away with the sounds of wind chimes and lutes. I hugged Minerva as I saw amulets on her and when I backed away then I had these as well,

I wore my necklace a crescent stone moon shaped blue stone for Feminine Divine. She gave me a shield that was owl shaped like the aegis on her head as an owl.

The Goddess said that it was time for me to return and left. Minerva left a small token to the Underworld- a baby potted olive tree the symbol of peace and goodwill. I wanted to leave one for Lord Ayahuasca and one for Skullman and Goddess of Alchemy and my Mother Goddess reminded me that I can manifest another and did! Skullman asked me a favor after I gifted Lord Ayahuasca his tree as I watered them with the lifegiving healing Elixirs from the Cauldron to exist and thrive in the Underworld. The favor was to plant his olive tree at the banks where souls start their journey to comfort him and them but put barriers so souls would not trample it. I put up 7 columns like swirls you see on ancient temple decor.

I took a bottle for myself and filled it with the Elixirs and dumped the rest on the Underworld’s soil and waters to heal it. Then the fire went out by itself and disappeared and the cauldron supports dismantled and the Cauldron and supports disappeared.

I thought I must shape-shift into my Temple Dragon but my Dragon came to me as I rode on its back instead and I was told I am a treasure like all of us by Skullman and we must open ourselves our treasure and gifts to serve and be present in the now. No more defeated down talk and shine now! I returned to my Earthly body so both could meld in the energetic lesson and work as one.

Thanked my Groundhog for the gift of her lessons to assist in new ways of thinking and pausing and she already had the crescent moon stone necklace - one side pyrite and the other the blue stone as she knows me and said we are all one. When one receives a gift we all do. I thank my Dragon, Bear & Jaguar and give them the same but I know that they already know me and received it just like the Groundhog.

Thank You Mother Father God, Great Spirit and the Universe. Hope you enjoyed the ride with me. Namaste, Peace to you. Aho!


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