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United We Make That Change for All in Goodness

Yesterday was beautiful.We acted as if it were another weekend day. I danced to the Universe, the Primordial Tribes, Oneness, my Pure Light Helpers, Gods/Goddesses, Angels of Light, My Power Animals and 7 directions with the 4 corners and Healing as above so below. To heal each and every heart including my own and listened to some beautiful music and nostalgic ones. We did the gym and visited our in-laws and our nephew for conversations. Wrote some personal inspirations to those that I came across and reminded people about their own power to choose no fear and be Medicine and not Poison. I shared some new food substitutes and did a couple errands to keep us going. We watched tv to see a impact of corona and government decisions and the people divided but hoping to dismantle old systems that do not answer the quality of life for all. There are martyrs and warriors willing to sacrifice and those passed on from the virus to collect a heavenly team to direct those in pure light after their own healing in the Heavenly Chambers for us to EVOLVE for the betterment and healing, forgiveness and difficult growth for all from old ways and 'normal' ways of functioning. It is a hard journey; but we will come out stronger and united. Much loving light hugs.


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