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Unlimited Thought and Open Mind in Healing

Dear Ones;

I had the honor of doing a distant past life regression and it was unusual but Spirit guided me.It entailed doing crystal healing of the person not in front of me but at a distance. It was a journey into a culture of understanding the philosophy of the people and the incident in the past that was causing the blockages on their path in the now.

I was instructed to use 3 types of wands for different step by step healing (I do have a few and for different purpose and will cover this another time). I had a gift of an object from a deceased loved one who had the same occupation as the client that wanted to assist on keeping this person on his/her path. The wands I was asked to use were made of obsidian and another of biogenesis for trauma clearing, sodalite. One to clear and extract negative energy from an area that was physically affected by these old thoughts and doubts form the past life, one to help open and clear the area as I pulled it out and the other to smooth out and clear the area by closing what was opened.

It was an unusual setting in the past life and saw the occupation, challenges and area on the old globe and how the issues surfaced at a point of suffering, rejection, and dying that stayed with him/her. I speak to the old soul of the person and try to do some healing by creating the mantras to reprogram into the now this soul that has evolved. After obtaining the mantras; convey this to the person in the now.

At time the healing object is the color of the chakra that needs addressing and strengthened after cleansing and the Earth Guardian Crystal I use to protect all involved to do the work. The Temple Dragon Object is a symbol of the guardian of the treasures of the Earth and creates a boundary with the dragon being present and around us. So the utilizing of Pure Light Helpers is unlimited and an Ascended Master appears to give a healing flame as I take in the person once I know by Spirit's decision in my body for the flame healing. It is essential if imbeded in the mind too deeply to access the past life and current body karmic or energetic cleansing. I then clear that persons energy out of me and the tools used as well. As usual the clearing is important for me to do the work before and after. I give thanks to all the tools in this honor of service. My clients pay before I start and is customary. If I know you well; then there are arrangements if Spirit allows me to alter anything with anyone.

Mind you, this is how Spirit works with me. I convey the healing in simpler terms to the client and write this down or they write down or ask me other questions for verifications after the work is done. I sometimes pick up details to explain a relationship/s and behavior that makes sense with my client. I do sometimes get the names if important but I don't worry about the names as Spirit lets me know and then sometimes I hear strong languages and interactions but Spirit shows me pictures and emotions and the setting to understand. I don't have to get the full name as again I have faith in Spirit because is it more the situation where the disruption of the soul journey occurred that is more important.

Anyway, if you don't know me well. Let's just say there's so much diversity in healing in my work with Spirit as I always learn more. Thank Goddess/God. Thanks for the read.


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