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What is Love? Let's Explore Self-Love & Self-ishness

Love is a very simple yet complex thing. We can love others but do we love ourselves? Do we discern our love we give out? Do we unconditionally love others? What is Christlike or Compassionate or Krishna or Buddahlike love like. Well, it is only my interpretation of unconditional golden light love. It’s like a pool coming out of a chalice or cup of golden liquid love made from the idea of our hearts and minds working together in the belief it is possible anywhere and anytime. But do we believe this? Do we show love when we have a challenging day ahead to strangers or to our loved ones or coworkers despite people having nothing to do with our challenges? Do we scapegoat and blame when our inner child heart feels betrayed or alone. Do we have uncontrollable anger or depression at times? We need to re-center back into the nature of the elements. The earth is grounding for chaos and feeling like you are everywhere and everything to the outer world but cannot catch up in your own life.  Sitting by a tree or against one so sacred is the rooted wisdom and recordkeeper to help you get back to your sacred self and see things in simplicity. When we are caregivers as parents, babysitters or elder sitters or pet sitters; we tend to give it all we got and leave no room and we are exhausted and feel alone then the emotions of water element come into play and our kidneys need a boost. As our heart is ignited with love or anger. 

What I mean in Chinese or Asian medicine the organs have a lot to do with our balances with our emotions and our behavior or response. If we respond so quickly at times we cannot think all the time; we will feel like we need to decompress and do it. Self love and care is essential. As I have said to others who give sooooo much to be self-ish. It’s not bad to take a down time, day off and decompress and let go of all the electronic and digital devices. So let’s continue with this knowledge and you can even ‘google’ it up…haha!

So when we are depressed, exhausted and spent; we are wading into the water element of our emotions and exploring them. Don’t ignore your emotions, as I say, walk with them, hold them and allow them the space to be seen, valued and heard by speaking to someone who can be holding space but not making decisions. Who can be loyal and listen and allow and say “I am here for you as you go through this emotion. It is important you sit with it or walk with it so you can honor your emotions and wade through your waters of emotions to be at peace and let it go as it dissolves into the air. Your breath is no longer tense and your lungs feel so much ease and the rhythm of your heart can be heard as you slow down. You slow down because you can as you understand everything is such an illusion. The tensions, the stresses, the time clocks and deadlines…we invented this to keep track of things. But are the numbers and time slots really the master of your destiny?…it’s how you take charge and feel what you feel, breathe, walk, sit and recognize it and bring yourself back to balance and breathe with ease as the water element and your lungs will love you for this and sometimes a good cry is essential to release the water element building up with unexpressed emotions whether the culture, your job, your role, your gender or sexual orientation, where you work or learn. The sacred act of giving peace to self is so rewarding as anger is the opposite feeling of being loved. Show compassion to yourself and recognize; ask oneself why do I feel unloved? Explore incidents you gave the opportunity to not voice yourself or disagree in gentle statements of truth and respect of others as well. Become the Light you are again and return back to the Sacred Divinity you are. 

There is a blog that I did on the value of Qi Gong and Water Up and Fire Down. It means cool your head and your digestive system is where the fire belongs so you can digest better. You feel empowered because you decided that you are and move the fire from your head to your belly.  My teachers of this value and one who stands out is Barbara Evans-Levine who teaches in my blog “Spirit of the Trees - Qi Gong.” She had a bad car accident and this method saved her.

Here is my link to the blog written with this technique. Our countries and globe and nation are doing too much fire up in the head …chaos and lack of love and compassion. 

Barbara I call “Gentle Power” taught me this. 

I am so grateful to all my teachers and of all modalities in my healing work throughout the years. I just wanted to share with you some pointers to take in or not. If you disagree, I am fondly seeing your will be done like in the prayers of ancient times “Our Father.” It is a decision you make every day with your interactions and your clear intentions by taking a moment to do nothing before you start your day and when you end your evening. The in between is what matters and how you give to yourself balance, peace, healing is essential to your mind, body and spirit welfare. May you be blessed choosing you…self-ishly in resetting and rebalancing in your path towards the Light. Namaste, Peace to you and Thank you for Being here.


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