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When Conflicted; Ask a Neutral Adviser and Resolve with Love

When gently trying to understand anything say it with love and see if it is understood that your mind takes journeys and you can’t see everything your way but try and see from other ways if anything is questionable ask a neutral party if they have thoughts and experience to reach self closure or understanding. Dialogue. I often find texting is convenient but not conversation that is thorough. If asked advise and you struggle to answer because the trigger is if I am neutral and asked to confirm or redirect than take the opportunity to see if you struggle being neutral than man or woman up and say I feel I cannot be a neutral mediator and say it. Also ask yourself what loyalty is if you can’t be honest and you may fear being disliked or angry at for helping resolve. Honesty conveyed is respectable and we all move on. If there’s a conflict and you step out because of that then don’t get involved and make statements when you were not wanting to listen or know there are other details you may have not been present for. I will gladly remind you if you stepped out and not discuss anything furthermore. Then we both move on with mutual peace and love. Neutrality is a gift but some don’t have that and that’s all good if you speak up that you can’t. You are not a bad person as we all are flawed and time will heal.


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