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When in Doubt; Turn to Love

When in Doubt; Turn to Love November 19, 2018 | Blue Thunder

Whenever you feel less then others; take a good look at yourself and say "I love you and all these things about you...." If you feel compelled when you haven't felt blessed at where you are in the moment; then you are losing the opportunity to create a you that you love and do the things you love and be Love. If you race against each other and try to keep a bond or agreement that leaves others out just for the mere fear of their involvement will make you feel less; there's still an issue of self love that needs addressing. If you are all loving but exclude others because you judge them and wish them to be in your world the way you want them to be for your comfort; then there's a lesson in acceptance. If you dialogue to understand but feel comforted tearing down others so you feel important or become secretive; the secret comes out eventually. You may not know it but you are creating separatism and not brotherly or sisterly love. Be a pivotal person first by self love, acceptance and respect each other's lives and learn to be unified. It's better to walk with Spirit and the Divine in each other then hold angst, jealousy, anger or disapproval has a very low vibration. Be a High Vibration Warrior with others so different but you both get along as High Vibration Warriors. Peace.


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