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Wholeness by Honesty

Just because everyone seems to be doing it; doesn't mean it's what you want for yourself. You are responsible for you, your body, your mind, your ego, your soul and your divine connection within and outside of yourself. Surround yourself with the energy and vibration you desire for you and from what you can share with others. Wholeness is a choice by observing yourself in an unbiased way with honesty. We all have contributed and shared but there will be those who will not understand you, reject you, belittle you or disbelieve you. Believe in you, believe in understanding with dialogue and the ability to hear without reaction to each other in order to reach harmony. Love yourself completely without a doubt and faith as much as you have in the great Divinity above and around us. There will be people who will resonate and vibrate towards you and others moved on to other activations of the Spirit. Guided away in situations that lead to more growth in expansion of Light Wisdom and Being a Being of Light, love and truth. Have a great week ahead. Manifest during this time the thoughts you equate to positive thinking, positive speaking and positive action. In Unity towards a common goal that all are deserving of goodness in this life on Earth with the Heavenly calling of support come forth from above. Peace and always remain devoted to the positivity you vibrate in mind, body or spirit.


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