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Working with Crystals and Stones - Shamanic

Dear Ones;

Shamanism is a healing modality that is so vast a broad because it entails the gifts you already have incorporated with this healing with the Earth and Universe.

There are elements that we take into consideration that you may be: Earth, Air, Water and Fire. In ancient over 2,000 years old healing called Ayurveda (which I studied 18 months for Dr. Vasant Lad in NM). It is the elements are called Pitta (Fire Water), Vata (Air), Kapha (Earth Water) of the constitution, shape, size, tendency, location and season on the globe. We determine a persons element by studying their likes, dislikes and health tendencies and the season and location on the map (arid, humid, lush and green, etc.)

With this knowledge, if the person is out of balance by speaking to them of their issues and needs of healing; we can determine their elemental tendency, imbalance and what earthly tools can be a tool to heal. These tools can be hands on, feathers, wands natural made, crystals and stones, shells or totems or symbols of air- a fan or feather to place or be above or have the person hold to balance. Clearing first is essential with sage, sweet grass (used against black magic), copal if needed. Whatever you intuitively use in your spiritual practices that you are taught like herbs, incense, holy water, holy oil or aromatherapy or being a beacon of light and clearing with your mind and intentional prayers.

As a Healer and studying Shamanism combines your own personal gifts, religious or spiritual path with the indigenous earth connections of healing. There's no two healers alike and understanding each other is more important to explore each other's belief systems and cultures and way of life. Just because someone is from Africa doesn't limit them to understand Mexico or Thai ways of existence. It rounds our view and perspectives when we read or meet different people and engage and learn more than tell them what to do and vice versa. It's a deep sharing of each other's way of life and embracing expansion of our knowledge and perspectives. I've had a healing partner that was Jewish, another Baptist, Another from an Indian tribe, Pagan, Christian and so forth.

However, when we work with crystals and stones. These are healing children of the earth. We must be custodians of these not possessive or collect these because they are pretty and just to have a vast amount but to read on the purpose of the stones and what the healing abilities that enhance that wholeness. If a stone/crystal may need only the moon light for recharging. I do recommend saging your stones before and after each client but sage yourself first and the client as well. Other stones/crystals may like the sun or spring water/fresh water, (you can purify the water with energy). Others need to be buried on eve of Halloween to feel the most power or full moon. The moon is the feminine energy and some stones may need that for the purpose it knows you will need later and intuitively you will gain insight.I feel that charging the stones/crystal at least 4 days is good to do. I would bury the stones in earth with cloth around it as you will dig it up easier and not need to wash them extensively.

Crystals/stones can help an ailing plant or charge the water vessel you use to use on a client. It can be a boundary maker in your home or entry way. It can absorb negative energy and then you clear it. It is important you honor the stones and crystals and keep them energetically clear and healthy. As you learn more and buy a crystal/stone book that lists healing properties. Just because one book doesn't have this or that doesn't discount the need for Spirit to inspire to you learn and research. You don't need the same stones as another healer but the basic stones of purity, clearing negativity, healing and love and good will is what I recommend.

I remember studying Shamanism; my teacher would travel to Israel and Palestine and stay on the Israeli side as there was yes, Shamanism studied there and it was well needed. He said the tension would be so great for the first 3 days they had to cool it down so then they could do the work both Israeli and Palestinian. Unfortunately, the coordinator in Israel had a 16 years old son that was killed by a Palestinian youth bomber killing both of them a few days before the date of arrival. Our Shamanic group met before his leaving and our teacher shared this sad story. He looked around and that day before leaving I was told by Spirit to take an azurite and gift it to my teacher to give the coordinator/father in grief for healing. My teacher asked our group: "Is there anyone who wishes to share or send something with me to the father in grief?" He looked at me. I gave him the stone for the father in grief. I didn't know much about the stone but I had these and was just learning more about stones and crystals for healing. I told him: "I do not need the stone back as my teacher asked me and it is for the father/coordinator in Israel."

After my teacher left. I bought a crystal/stone healing book and went to where the Azurite was. I had just double fractured my metatarsal below my little toe as it was the time I felt the sadness that same day the space shuttle exploded early morning in the sky and found that out later as to why I felt deep sadness when riding to the doctor to get my foot checked out. Anyway, back to the Azurite information is that it is a stone of 'goodwill' and for 'healing fractures!'

I was amazed and laughed and shared that with my teacher. He laughed energetically and in front of the next time our Shamanic Igroup met. Sometimes, a strong pull of the stone or crystal in nature comes up. Sometimes, it is a gift for helping a sick person appearing on the sidewalk and sometimes it will ask me to purchase. It will show me pictures in my mind what way to use or use a certain motion most effective to use on the client on the afflicted area/s. You must tune into yourself and Spirit and trust and laugh as you learn as we will make mistakes and we can get back on course. It's just being human and imperfect. What a gift so we become humble, learn and move and expand our Light and share it.

Take time to understand, research and read and try the healing stones on yourself so you understand what the feeling or effect it has. Enjoy the experiences and keep your mind open and your heart free of darkness and free of EGO. Learn to listen and trust and be your own best self forward. Much love.


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