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Working with Tree Energy, Lessons with Shamanic Studies

During my Shamanic studies; our assignment was to pick a tree and work with it. Learn from it and journal it down. This was the time the leading Shaman assigned me to learn to be comfortable being Feminine and with women.

I had worked with my Reiki Master Shaman just briefly who taught me 3 basic dimensions and how to access these and do healing. He helped me with mediumship as well. His assignment was picking a tree in our minds; I picked one in front of my house that leaned away from my house. He taught us to communicate with the tree. So I asked the tree with my mind; why it leaned like a similar tree of the same. It was anxious because the tree felt the house would fall on it. I asked the tree if we could change places as instructed and if willing. I was given permission and we exchanged places. I felt the bark outside was hard but felt the fluid/sap was moving in cylindrical patterns and how the branches would feel narrowed out. The trunk got cooler and cooler while spiraling inward more. The roots felt so connected into the moist earth. The tree asked me: "I've always wanted to know how it feels to walk as you do." The tree got it's wish. However, the tree told me that the human body was so hot and fluid. It then took a few steps with me inside it and was so happy but kept saying: "You are too hot! I wish to go back and we did." It was a lesson for both of us from each other. The tree was satisfied and tried to assure it the house would not fall on it.

I then learned later that it was structurally damaged and the tree had good reason. The former owner was into magic and put magical spells and did the lawn beautifully to attract a buyer. She had a large black cat the liked me and not other people. She had statues of Merlins here and there and knew she did magic. However, besides that we needed a home to have our children relocate to the school district. We looked and then we decided to get this house unknowingly. I saged the house frequently and clear it as well.

My new group and leader of Shamans came to be international. This was an assignment from the leader as well. I then choose a tree hit by lightening to learn from in my yard. It is where I go to meditate at the time during my Shamanic extensive studies. Her name was 'Chrysalis' she told me. It was so synchronistic because my first Spirit name was 'ButterflyChild.' I was to journal and engage and learn. She wanted to feel the Goddess energy I worked with a tarot deck any time I taught a class to women and created a workshop and gathering. There was the neighbor's cat who I call 'Sylvester' from his markings who was loving the energy and sooner or later he would want to sit on my lap when I spiritually journeyed different universal lessons, goddess lessons or dimensions. He would say: "I would love to journey with you." During times I visited client's homes; cats were more sensitive to participate in Reiki and Healing Sessioni on their owners and join their owner on the massage table. I am much of a loner except when working with Ascended Masters, Angels, Gods/Goddesses or my Power Animals or Guides. I had 2 guides and usually people have two. I have 2 angels and usually people have 2.

I would do my sound healing to heal her and the Earth or whatever Universal Lesson needed. We all must create rituals small or large to show our love and dedication to the teacher as Apprentices of Light. I then would put my sarong I wore at the Womens' Gatherings on the tree and share any flowers and touch her bark. She loved the feeling and I would see Nature Spirits on the trunk encouraging me to keep on my path and observe my heart work. My Tree Chrysalis taught me grounding, how it feels to praise Creator everyday and not give up hope. I then would do Reiki or send healing to her as she would tell me that she would fall and feed the earth soon as the inevitable. I asked her: "Please make sure you don't fall on me or any thing to harm them or my house as it was unstable." She agreed. One day, I saw she was leaning a little more and she said she didn't feel well. I would send energy and prayers and had an errand to do. I felt her telling me she was weakening. There was a storm and when I returned; she had fallen between my house and deck and swimming pool and did not fall on the neighbors property as agreed. There was no damage. I gave a farewell ceremony to Chrysalis as she had taught me many things and a Spiritual Side Kick in my studies of Shamanism and Goddess Energies. My neighbors used to observe me meditating and the husband assumed I loved trees and he would talk about caring for trees. He kept his distance because he didn't understand but knew I was peaceful. I can feel them when I did sound ceremony to heal different things or to clear negative energy. They were a pleasant couple who played instruments on their deck as the trees surrounded our home but we could hear the fiddle and bass and it was beautiful. They were a quiet couple that kept to themselves.

That's my journey with trees. Other occasions trees would ask me to touch their bark and I would touch them to feel grounded or learn the story they knew of the areas. The trees are history keepers/record keepers. At times I knew a friend or people who had plants that would tell me about the owners and if they needed something. I would honor the plants and trees and convey messages. I had one who didn't want to embarrass me and moved the plant away so I would not comment in front of people. I know I am unusual but honor the plants. I am not much of a gardener this life time but I do try to appreciate them. If I know a person is coming to trim or remove things or run a lawnmower with chemicals; I alert the plants and elementals that care for them. I give thanks for the existence and healing they bring to our lives. Sometimes, a tree symbolizes something so spiritual as a life giver to birds, animals and humans, a shelter to use and the birds, squirrels and a complex root system where they connect to other trees underground. There is so much to learn from nature and next time you see a tree I hope you take this information in.

This is part of Shamanic studies and learning will continue as to evolve is inevitable. Much love on your journey in nature walks or spending time in nature keeping this information if inspired.


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